Who wants to play with our Troll?

I was hoping to collect at least one more troll comment before I let you guys take turns kicking the furry little stupnik, but I don’t get many of them. The other one I had a few months ago was fun, but I accidentally threw it out. So this guy will have to do. He is humorless and doesn’t have the intelligence to understand the difference between satire and parody (look it up, dude).  He also uses punctuation incorrectly.  And they/their is plural, not singular, which is what the sentence should have  (I only go after the punctuation and grammar of humorless people, so the rest of you can relax). He’s all yours.  Have fun!

That was the most belabored, retarded thing I’ve ever read. I can’t tell which was worse… the fact that whoever did it, sat around and basically played dollhouse or the fact that the characters are clearly written by someone with a huge bug up their ass. Not only do they have a bug up their ass, but they haven’t the intelligence to satirize properly.

And sadly, the irony here is that you’re calling the Alaskan’s made up drama hounds. That’s precisely what you do: make up drama. And if everyone in Alaska is a bunch of attention whores trying to cash in, what does that make you for having an entire wordpress dedicated to a Palin fantasy?

No wonder this is a wordpress blog.


6 responses to “Who wants to play with our Troll?

  1. My can of Troll Spray is lost in one of my computer files. Got bitten by the genealogy bug, so files are a little cluttered right now. If it doesn’t take too long to find the spray, I’ll return and we can give the little goober a few spritzes!!

  2. Maybe I’ll take him on a “trolling” expedition looking through friends of friends on fb.

  3. BTW, he was commenting on the Jessica Beehive post. Maybe he thinks reality shows are real.

  4. Can we vote him off the island?

  5. “No wonder this is a wordpress blog.”

    Oh, is there some stereotype I’m unaware of about WordPress? I didn’t know Palinites hated it, now I’m even more glad I use it.

    • Yeah, that one stumped me too. We can add it to the list of what we “libruls” all do. Like reading Alinsky’s book, which I had never even heard of until every librul on the planet was accused of using it as their playbook. lol.

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