Thank you Gryphen and Syrin and OzMud and little sis

The Purchasing Department, aka little sis is also my Marketing Department, and she has been going, hat in hand, to some of our favorite blogs to get them to put our trainwreck on their blogrolls. This week, Gryphen and Syrin graciously agreed.  My traffic has tripled because of that, which is totally cool. I just want to tell the new folks who haven’t been here before that the “recent posts” list on the right sidebar has all of my photo shoots back to the very beginning of this crazy barbie journey. I highly recommend going back to some of the early posts so that you can appreciate the evolution of this blog and the incredible contribution that the Purchasing Department has made. Some of my personal favorites in the early posts are “Plastic Mayhem: A Walk in the Woods,” “Roguey Book Tour,” and “Hanky Panky.”  If you like action and blood, you might want to go through the PWF series (PWF is Palin Wrestling Federation).

Update: I just saw that OzMud added my blog also, so a big thank you there too, also.


16 responses to “Thank you Gryphen and Syrin and OzMud and little sis

  1. You and your crew are wonderfully creative. I really love your knack for depicting our favorite Queen of Mean and her Dysfunctional Family so amusingly ACCURATE! I do check in periodically, but don’t comment. I at least want to say thanks for the wonderful blog!

  2. Your spoof of the quitters faked 1/2 marathon was hilarious. ‘PlasticLand’ has now become part of my daily ‘loop’.

  3. fedupwithhypocrisy

    About time–keep it up–hilarious. To paraphrase Henry II re Beckett: who will rid me of this woman?! I’m so sick of her, ha.

  4. I also thank you, Gryphen, for linking to this site. I’ve visited in the past from time to time, but now hilarity will ensue on a regular basis! I love your blog.

  5. I’ve been coming here from Palin Q and A. Glad you’ve gotten IM and Syrin. Love this blog and the creativity. Yay!

  6. Been visiting, laughing and appreciating all your wonderful creative work for quite awhile. Thanks! You’re great!

  7. Ms. SP was at Disney World one day this last week with Bristol, Piper and Trig. An Orland Sentinel blog commenter had a great suggestion for a potential Perils post.
    “Maybe there should be a Sarah Palin ride. A Palin bus that would go round and round in circles constantly spouting our nonsense or actual Palin quotes from a loud speaker sounding like Sarah or a drunk Chatty Kathy doll from so many years ago.”

  8. Heads up to the Purchasing Dept. Flag pin nixed it seems. No shoes shown – Bummer. Jungle print FlipFlops?

  9. I’d add “What a Friend We Have in Cheeses” and the Wendy-the-Waitress posts to your greatest hits/recommends. Always hoped Wendy was able to stop by for a look, but kind of have my doubts. She got the troll alert treatment awfully quickly.

    Stay inspired. 🙂

  10. I’m all for increasing traffic to our anti-Palin blogs. My site, The Palin Place launched one month ago. If you haven’t yet visited, please do soon. And by the way, I can’t get my husband to read those other blogs, but he looks and laughs at yours right along with me.

    Remind people to sign up for your email alerts, that’s what go me here on a regular basis.


  11. I lOve the idea of a Palin Disney ride! There should be a moosehead over the front of the bus though – or maybe a moose driver!
    Or maybe a pop-up of Sarah through random windows with John McCain running around with a big mallet trying to plop her back inside the bus like those old time mole bammers!
    Hey missy – let me know if you need any tiny thingqamajigs for your photo shoots – I have boxes and stacks of miniatures I’m happy to share for a good cause 🙂

    Welcome to downunder. Course now you need to stand on your head to read your blog…


  12. @Alison – your name links to thepalinSplace.blogspot – the other addy works fine 🙂

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