We Are Anonymous

The date is November 5th.  Ensconced in their Fortress of Anonymity, the legions of Anonymous are hard at work, delving deeper and deeper into the inner workings of Fox News Online.

Tap tap tappity tap tap…clickity click click.

Clickity click click…tap tap tap.

“Hey dude, check this out.”

“Whatcha got?”

“Look at this. It is the feed to Sarah Palin’s Fox studio in Alaska. All the lights, teleprompter, the connection to the main Fox studio. All connected together with an Internet switch to turn it on and off.”

“Wow. Do you think they set it up as a kill switch in case they just couldn’t take that screech anymore?”

“I don’t know, but it’s live right now.  That crazy bitch must be squawking to one of the Fox pinheads.”

“Well dang! Turn it off.”

“Okay, this should be fun.”




12 responses to “We Are Anonymous

  1. Heh Heh Heh hee heehee

  2. I generally don’t like the damage hackers can inflict, but in this case…!

  3. Short and sweet. Love it. 🙂

  4. Excellent!

  5. If I hadn’t been tired and in kind of a hurry I would have made little name tags that said anonymous. I tend to think of things like that AFTER I do one of my quickie shots. Maybe little coffee cups with the anonymous logo. Framed “portraits” on the walls, with such dignitaries as the WalMart smiley face, Jack from Jack in the Box, The Unknown Comic, and Zorro.

  6. I love your very creative blog.

  7. LOL! I love it and wish pulling the plug on that insufferable idiot were that easy!

  8. It’s November 6th. Nothing happened apparently. I am very disappointed.

  9. Cute stuff. What is so funny is that Palinistas are all upset with Fox because they dare have commenters on that haven’t been complimentary of Palin. Once anyone says anything bad about her they are the enemy forever, sure it is the same with Palin. That really doesn’t leave anyone except a couple of her paid advisors who write articles and books who she pays to say good things about her.

    • Sarah can only keep so many people on the hook at a time. The nice is an act and takes energy. Plus so many lies to try to keep track of. She offloads people who have passed their expiration date or have become a liability. She always needs a few new slots for the next opportunity over the hill. Right now it is Mr. Crony Capitalism. Tomorrow who knows?

  10. Just out of curiosity I looked at SarahPac financial statement. Whenever you see anyone bragging up Palin they are almost always being paid by her Pac as an advisor. Seems to me she has to pay people to say good things about her. Only 12% of the money donated actually went to conservative canidates, the rest went for her advisors and overhead for Palins ambitions. Looks like a slush fund to me. She really is a piece of work.

  11. Great, I’m still busy looking at your old stuff but I sure enjoy the new stuff. Hope you have a tiny little turkey for a Palin thanksgiving pardon, I found that real life incident priceless.

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