Look! I brought you another troll toy to play with!

It would be more fun if I got more than one of these every month or two, but here is the little guy for you to poke. Like most trolls, he lacks punctuation and humor. Poor little thing. Anyway, this is Doug. He sounds angry. These trolls are a grumpy lot.

whomever wrote this has got to be one dumb sonofabitch even for abumbass democrat kiss my ass


7 responses to “Look! I brought you another troll toy to play with!

  1. Abumbass? A bumb what…? Poor Doug needs to go to school. I find it amazing that anyone would even come here who doesn’t love your sense of humor.

  2. They are a bit cheerful for this humorless guy, but mostly my stuff is a mess again and I don’t have time to hunt for trolls because I’m leaving for Oregon in the morning.

  3. I keep waiting for the immaturity troll to show up and complain about the Bristle posts.

  4. Plus he was dissing the Grimm Brothers. The story and much of the narrative and dialogue is true to the original fairy tale. High Peaks mostly altered the characters and the circumstances. I added in the additional chapters and made a few adjustments for prop limitations. So Doug is either not a fan of fairy tales (What? He can’t be the fairy tale troll then.), he has ADHD, or he’s just another humor-challenged loser. All of the above?

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