Overturned rocks

As this blog reaches a wider audience, it is inevitable that the riff-raff start climbing out from under their rocks. Alas for them, we only have one purpose for trolls. Poking, of course! This grubby little denizen of DickwadLand is quite appalled and offended at PlasticLand.  Poor thing. I’d hate to think what might happen if he watched Robot Chicken or had a look at Mariel Clayton’s work. Very fragile, these troll psyches. He goes by the misnomer of “recovering liberal,” but I suspect that’s just his gimmick. Anyhoo, here he is. A troll is a troll. Our little community has no room for these humorless souls. Oh, and don’t forget to notice that he credits PDS to jealousy, which shows his lack of creativity and his lack of reality-based thinking.

You have won the award, hands down, as the most mad, bizarre psychotic site on the whole internet. The roots of PDS were explicable, I thought based on jealousy and frustration but you have taken it to a lower level worthy of Dante.

Jesus tap-dancing Christ. This is some of the sickest stuff I have seen in some time.This blogger lives in bizzaro-land.

Real trolls aren’t nearly as cute as our PlasticLand trolls, but PerilsCat will ride herd on them nonetheless.


30 responses to “Overturned rocks

  1. New to the site and love your work and sense of humor. Looking forward to your newest take on the dysfunctional Palins.

  2. The trolls are far too cute, to represent internet trolls.

  3. I would never mess with PerilsCat!

  4. All Palin trolls suffer from PDS, they are quick to point the finger and accuse anyone who speaks negatively of Sarah Palin but in reality, they are the ones guilty of having a totally warped view of all things Palin. They ignore the fact that she blatantly lies about the existence of “death panels” and instead praise her for being one of the first leaders to speak out against Obamacare. That’s totally warped!! They ignore every factual piece of evidence about the Palin family and chose to believe some fictional tale created by Sarah Palin and her PR team. These trolls are not tethered to reality, like all Palinbots, they are the ones who truly suffer from Palin Derangement Syndrome but they are quick to point the finger at everyone else hoping that because they called out PDS first, they couldn’t possibly be the one guilty of suffering from the affliction. Alas that is not the case. Please, if you can’t see that this is simply a humorous blog to generate a few laughs then your really are a nutcase! You should really be embarrassed! Keep up the good work here at The Perils of Palins, your creativity should be commended!

  5. I think your troll inadvertently compared you to Dante and your usual subject to a hellish character. ‘Sickest’ means the ‘best ever’ and ‘bizarro’ is clearly a compliment.
    Quite divine!

  6. PerilsCat is also divine!

  7. PerilsCat has one fine face! Lovely, Lovely, Lovely.
    Trolls are sure lucky to have that cat as a warden – I would not have been so nice.

  8. I’ve always had many laughs here in plastic land. One of my favorites was your prophetic one about Bristol’s reality TV show with the Kyle brothers. It came true and it will never be aired due to her vapid wooden nothingness personality.

    It is quite a compliment that the palin cult trolls are visiting! You know you’ve made it when her flying monkeys come after you.

    I would like to see a “wish list” here. I know that people send you props & stuff for your photography-logs. I just love them and when your cat sneaks in especially. What do you need want for props? Make us a wish list and we will send! I have stuff but I don’t know if you want it or not. Wish List!

    Love ya!

    • I will attempt a wish list. I have so much stuff now that it is usually something small that I realize I don’t have, just when it would be handy. The problem with making a public wish list is that it will send my Purchasing Department into high gear. She can’t see a list without wanting to get everything on it.

  9. Love the expression on Perils Cat.

  10. Congratulations! You have made it to the big time in Troll-universe. You have a great site, a great imagination and a subject that will continue to give you much material for a very long time. Keep on keeping on and we will be loving every minute of it.

  11. As a geologist, the version I heard was “Earth First! We’ll mine the other planets later.”

  12. I’ve seen recovering liberal on several conservative sights always talking about Palin. I’m so glad you have managed to annoy him, good work. Is there anyway to donate a few bucks if a person doesn’t have a paypal account? Have a great day fellow anti-palinistas.

    • I’m pretty clueless about the paypall button. I know you can use a credit card, but I am unsure about whether you actually have to have a paypal account. I THINK maybe not, but I’m hoping the Purchasing Department might know since she uses Paypal a lot. All of the donation money goes to her anyway since the Purchasing Department never sleeps.

    • I just found the site and I find it delightful. Looking forward for a Palin Thanksgiving and hope they are doing something for Christmas. Thanks for everything people, I love being around like minded people. A lot of people take Palin so seriously and I love to see them getting poked a little. You guys rock!

  13. I can relate to that as I live in Michelle Bachmans district. I’ve seen her in person a couple of times and she is even scarier in real life. I plan on doing everything I can to see that she is defeated next election, I find it embarassing for her to repersent me. Is Palin what she appears on television, I’ve always wondered if she is really that simple or is a shrewd businesswoman who makes a lot of money of gullible conservatives.

  14. I sort of figured that was the case. My dirty little habit is ocassionally visiting conservatives4palin and lurk, those people think that god has sent her to them to solve all of the worlds problems. At times I almost feel sorry for them but when I see how totally disrespectful they are of the president I get over it. I always thought Bush Jr. was a fool but never thought he was intentionally trying to run the country into the ground.
    You can disagree with Obama on a lot of things but he is the president and I feel you should at least respect the office. From what I
    hear Palin met some Republican bigwigs on an Alaskan cruise and that is how she got picked by McCain. I actually had respect for McCain as a war hero and while a lifelong Democrat I wasn’t sure who I was going to vote for until he picked Palin, or as I am sure was the case the powers that be picked Palin. The first time I heard her speak I basically said to myself OMG! Right then I decided I would vote for Obama.

  15. The thing I notice about Palinistas is that they are always so angry. From what I’ve been noticing a lot of them haven’t been a success and are in financial trouble and they need a bogeyman, Obama and the Democrats. I’ve taken a few college level psycholgy classes and I look at them from that perspective. I find their group think fasinating but also sort of sad. I’m sure you are right, if it wasn’t Palin they worship it would be someone else.They have Palins mindset, if anyone said anything slightly negative about their beloved Palin that person is the enemy forever.

  16. Those of us with Alaska connections tend to feel a combination of responsibility and horror when it comes to Sarah. Luckily, I was no longer a resident of Alaska when she was picked for McCain’s running mate, and I actually thought that Murkowski was still governor. My sister has been apologizing the last couple of years now for not warning the world. We can’t just blame Sarah on Alaskans though. The lower 48 fell for her “transparent reformer” gimmick too. Humor and vigilance are our only weapons against the sheer crazy meanness that is Sarah. Onward PlasticLand!

  17. Onward and upward to plastic land. Some of the scenes have made me laugh so hard I couldn’t hold it in, thanks for that guys. Look forward to what is to come and being a part of your little community. Back to Thursday night football, good night everyone out there in plastic land.

  18. BTW, thanks for a view on Palin from someone who knows her real story more than I did. Your views sort of confirm what I have always suspected about her, it is good to understand what she is really all about. Thank god she didn’t run for president, I can’t believe there were enough uninformed people to elect her but you never know. I always said if Palin was elected president I was moving to Canada. Good nite once more.

    • Both you and your hubby are wise people. Palin running for president probably would of been like watching a slow motion train wreck. If she has somebody writing the words she can make a fairly good canned speech, when she has to think on her feet she is a disaster.

  19. I agree with Colleen and Olivia. You have made it in blogging land when the trolls are coming out from under their bridges with their feeble attacks. I love what you do. We need all the laughs we can get these days.

  20. When you make people who detest Palin laugh and annoy her cult members I would call that a win win!

  21. Love your site. I’ve been a long time fan. Admire your creativity and your skills at excoriating all things Palin. Anyway, I recognized this guys name “recovering liberal”. I think this is his site. I argued with him awhile back, but got bored.


    • I just visited recovering liberal and left a couple of comments on the Perils of Palin thread, will be interesting to see if I get a reply. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

      • I have a personal policy about not going to these places. Since I don’t allow trolls on my site, I don’t feel like I should go and post negative comments at a blog that I have nothing in common with. There is already enough negativity in the world. I don’t go in search of it.

  22. So you won’t be supporting a Gingrich/Palin ticket? Oh my goodness, the possibilities for camera work…he has already shown that he is strongly attracted to plastic (his mistress turned wife looks strangely as though her face will crack if she smiles) and think what a greasy mess he would make once he’s thrown under the bus…! Better start looking for a very chubby Ken!

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