I need your input

I’ve been working on my Nativity scene this week.  As an atheist with an appreciation for tradition and ritual, but a certain disgust for religions that co-opt religious traditions from religions that they wish to destroy, my Nativity parody is surely blasphemous, but hopefully in a whimsical way.  That is pretty much the “proceed at your own risk” announcement that I will post with the final product.

However, because these prop-heavy, detail-oriented posts take me a while, and, in this case, have multiple alternate scenes, the actual set-up and photo-production of my Nativity post will take weeks. I was in my “studio” (aka garage) today, laughing over props, and got to wondering if you all would more appreciate the finished product, with a later “behind the scenes” post, or whether you would like to see how a post is built, from beginning to end. This is a feedback post. My blog isn’t really a democracy, because I am PlasticLand God, but if there is strong enough interest, without too much pitiful begging not to give away the scenes, I will put together a “Making Of…” post for the Nativity.

34 responses to “I need your input

  1. Want to see the finished product. Want to see the finished product. Okay that was begging, put don’t mistake it for pitiful begging…cause I’m saying it in a demanding bossy tone.

    • I would think that most people want to see the finished product. I just have so much fun playing with it as I go along that I feel the urge to share. I think I will just take lots of “behind the scenes” photos as I go along, for a later post. When I was a kid, I didn’t have many dolls. I didn’t have any doll houses. I built campgrounds for them.

  2. While I consider myself a christian feel free to go for it. I can’t imagine anything you could do would offend me. I love your sense of humor and can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  3. ooo a ‘making of’ would be great! I’d really like to see how the producers and directors get some of the models to perform the more difficult scenes – I know from experience how hard it can be to get snookums into an outfit she does NOT want to wear!) I’m guessing there’s a lot of tantrums and funny gaffes behind the scenes that go into getting them to act!

    Ok I’m off to post something blasphemous just for you on my blog *snicker* Been sitting on it for a while now but – in your honour I’ll be brave and bit the bullet 🙂

  4. I don’t think I made it clear that there will be a Nativity post for sure, and this is just about whether you want to see it built from the beginning to the final product, or whether you want it the usual way, as a finished product and another post about “behind the scenes.”

  5. Two thumbs up here for a ‘behind the scenes’ post 🙂

  6. I’d love to see a “making of” post…but AFTER the finished project is released.

  7. I want it all…behind the scenes and final. I laugh so much looking at your work….and notice all the small details that go into each project. I often imagine that you are lyao when you are creating….I know I would be!

  8. I definitely want to see the process!! Especially a ‘Nativity Scene’ from an Atheist (I think I’m an Agnostic).
    First of all, you being an Atheist, what made you think of building a Nativity scene??? Just to make a scene?? Haha.
    Nah, I want to see the process, comments and all while it’s being built, then the final scene – thoughts and all.
    My two, unknown, cents.
    (I came here thru the Immoral Minority site)

  9. I’m with ozmud. Give us all the juicy details AND the finished product.

  10. Such a tease — Will there be a bus? Will Paul Revere be the Angel who said unto them ? Will the Magi bring their gifts in the little cooler ?
    Will it be a Nativity scene with snow or palm trees? Looking foward to the big reveal !

  11. I feel just like a little kid at Christmas. I want it all and I want it now!
    I want the surprise and wonderment of the complete scene in all its irreverent glory. And I want a sneak peek or two before it is done.
    The anticipation of sneaking a peek at the hidden presents was better than actually seeing the presents. Post the sneak where I won’t accidentally click on it. Then at some point I can sneak a peek.

    Maybe the making of could be hidden behind a peephole, just like the one Sarah wanted Todd to drill in the rickety 14 foot fence.

  12. I want to see the behind the scenes, I’m not sure I made myself clear, in my earlier post. I was having too much fun being bossy. lol

  13. Away in a manger, no cap for his head
    The little boy Barbie turns blue and not red
    The Paul Revere doll looked over and cried
    “The British are coming! The baby must hide!

    I’ll ring my bell loudly to lead them astray!
    Blam blam and ring ring will keep them away!
    My fine steed is lowing, whatever that is
    Warning & ringing is always my biz!

    Now that I’ve made such a rapturous noise
    The angels on high will look after this boy
    A hat for his head is what he needs most,
    Angels don’t sew, yet miracles they boast!”

    The Brits & their foxhounds soon thunder away
    Blind to boy Barbie all snuggled in hay
    Paul Revere cheers & knits a blue cap
    To do so, the angels did find him an app!

    This is the long way of asking whether the baby will wear the blue hat? Another iconic prop I’ve become very attached to!

  14. Wow! That’s about all I can say. Paul is a favorite of mine too, your guys imagination and creativity is off the charts!

  15. Well I wish I had taken some pictures at the very beginning of my scene building, but I will continue with the behind the scenes pictures as I go along. From the response I got, I think the best thing to do is to post the Nativity post and the “making of” post at the same time. In the “making of” post I will include the history behind some of the props, some explanation of how I do certain things, some of the props that appear temporarily as I rummage through the props department but that don’t always make it into the final product, and, of course, a few cameos by Perils Cat. Also, given the small size of my studio surface, there is no way I can fit all of the characters into the scene at once, so think of it more as a weekend at the manger. Some people come early to the party, and some barely get there before the food is gone.

  16. Oh, this is going to be good. “Nativity scene” and “Palin” – the thought of those two things together just makes me giggle. Choosing who would portray the three wise men must have been fun. I look forward to more intelligent satire done in your unique way! Thank you!

    • The good citizens of PlasticLand don’t actually LIKE the Palins, and sometimes they just want to throw their own party without the trainwreck showing up. While I won’t preclude trainwreck references or a possible cameo appearance, this is one event that the Palins weren’t invited to.

  17. “home schooler” rhymes with cooler!
    A friend of mine, a woman that decorates at least a dozen trees of her own, has a t-shirt with a nativity scene on it…caption reads: It’s a girl!
    Cannot wait to see the scene and the making of a scene!

  18. I’d love to see the Making of post(s)

  19. I’m too late to the party for my vote to count so I’ll just say that I’m looking forward to PlasticLand’s Christmas tribute. I’m glad the Palins weren’t invited to the Nativity. (Perhaps Sarah’s envy at being excluded was the impetus for creating her own miraculous birth story.)

  20. Yes, yes, please do a “making of” post as well. I’d like to see the “actual” Nativity first, though. Oh, so the Palins weren’t invited? That means Trig won’t play the babe in the manger and Scarah won’t be the Madonna (she will be crushed). There could be a side-scene with Ms. Thing ranting about being left out, when she is really the chosen one. Nevermind. It will be great. Looking forward to it.

  21. My nativity post is progressing slowly because the garage is freezing cold. We are in the midst of a cold spell, so to work out in the garage very long I have to set up the little heater. He-who-pays-the-electric-bill (hubby) frowns on too much space heater usage due to the high cost, so I’m being sparing with the heating events. There is no sign of our cold spell breaking, so I’m planning to heat up the studio this weekend and try to wrap this up.

  22. Do you have one of these in your nativity scene? Seen all over today. Sarah Palin pooping.

    Buy pooping Sarah here.

    Might need to make your own to git-r-dun by xmas.

    • While I am not opposed to pooping on stuff, I have decided to keep my Nativity scene Palin-free. It just feels right. The Palins are just not on my holiday party invite list, this year or any year.

  23. Always love your work, and I look forward to a behind-the-scenes glimpse whenever you feel like putting it up. That garage sounds *cold.*

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