Station Identification

Remember when TV used to stop for “station identification”? Well, since the Nativity post is taking a while to process (editing now), this is a brief pause for “station identification.”

Perils Cat says, “Are you tuned in and paying attention?”


7 responses to “Station Identification

  1. Still here. Reception is good. I’m seeing The Old man and the Sea… with Cat.

  2. ha! waiting for Perils Cat to bite off the head of the toad…

  3. nswfm Cat says hi to Perils Cat!

  4. Promise me that in January (once the nativity production is over) you’ll do another on “The Shopping of a Todd Palin Snowmobile Reality Show” (ohpleasdeohpleaseohpleaseiwillbegoodiswear!)

    PS – Station Break Kitty looks like he/she swallowed a secret!

  5. Whats’ the frequency Todd?


  6. I always get a giggle out of your graphics, captions, and the comments of Perils fans. I don’t comment much myself, but lurking and loving what I find here!

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