Sanity break from the sanity project

Yesterday I cleaned my studio and packed away my dolls. It’s time for a long break from the dolls, and an even longer break from Sarah. As I mentioned before, my focus will be switching to life in PlasticLand. A person can only endure so much Sarah Palin in a lifetime, and I am already well over my limit. There are still a few Palin themes I plan to pursue in the coming months, and if Sarah decides to be an asshole in the coming election then I will have to deal with her, but I yearn for the quiet waters and calm skies of PlasticLand, where there is no religion, no politics, no dickwads, no  asshats.  That is where this blog is headed. Road trips, camping, hot springs, meadows. And a ton of props that have been washed clean of Palin stink. I will keep the name and the archives, and I hope to add more to the other pages over time, with things like Sarah’s fashion faux pas.  I think having a humor archive of Sarah Palin’s dubious contributions to this world is a good thing, and hopefully somewhat timeless, a strange period in history, caught in pictures. But that’s where Sarah belongs, on a shelf, serving as a lesson to thinking people. It’s time for the real Sarah to go away, shut that fucking trashy mouth of hers, and age without a single drop of grace.

And on that note, I wish you all a Palin-free new year. May your lives be filled with laughter and love, real strength, and no Applebees.


7 responses to “Sanity break from the sanity project

  1. Entertainig post. Ditto on the being sick of Palin. I do most of my commenting on Huff Post – when they will print my comments. I would like to be done with her – but there are so many things with loose ends. Have a good one.

  2. It would be awesome if you took your dolls and talents and consider making Shailey Tripp’s episodes come to life.

  3. There are so many ways to use all of those props without ever invoking the Screech.

  4. I always enjoy whatever you do. I will miss the entertainment and social commentary via Barbie. Have a terrific break

  5. There is no sanity clause.And a tip of the hat to the Marx brothers.

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