Life in the Snow Lane

Happy New Year from Calvin and Hobbs!


4 responses to “Life in the Snow Lane

  1. I never had a problem bringing my kids to the doctor.
    He had all the Calvin and Hobbs books in his waiting room.

    Thanks for the laughs and memories!

  2. Love me some Calvin & Hobbes! The snowman crossing reminds me of a time in the early 60s in Buffalo NY when we kids rolled HUGE snowballs to block the street so the schoolbus couldn’t get through.
    The grownups were NOT amused.
    Go figure…

  3. Calvin & Hobbes is perfect for the transition from an old year to a new one. Some things are timeless, like these strips written 15 – 20 years ago.

    Personal note – I use your blog roll to access other blogs and I’d like to have The Palin Place Blogspot on your list as well. Can you make my New Year wish come true?



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