Have a Perilous New Year


12 responses to “Have a Perilous New Year

  1. Oh to be a G.I. Joe with a kung-fu grip in the last picture.

  2. I bet the girls can’t resist Paul.

  3. can’t respond to Bonsai Jay (no reply option tonight), but I agree.
    GI Joe needs to be in that last picture!

    • I just added some levels to the nested comments, so you shouldn’t have trouble replying to a reply next time.

    • I didn’t have Joe when the ladies went on the hot spring trip with me. I used to just travel with 3 barbies. The redhead always got to go. She still does. Now I’m going to have to take Paul on trips, because the only way we’re ever going to get him out of those clothes is to give him the choice between the clothes or the ladies.

  4. That will be a hard choice for Paul, he just loves those clothes.

  5. LOL. I truly does take all kinds. At least you would be able to drive in the car pool lane.

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