Paul Revere and the Super Bowl

Yay! It’s time for the Super Bowl, and two good teams are playing this year. Sure, I was rooting for San Francisco or New Orleans, but hey, I actually like the Patriots and the Giants.  And yes, Paul is a Patriots fan, of course!  Now that I got my rah rah Super Bowl moment out of the way, on to Paul and his party.

We’ve noticed lately that Paul is definitely a ladies’ man. He likes the babes and is not shy about pursuing them. So it comes as no surprise that he invited the entire sorority, Phi Beta Cutie, over to his place for food, football, and fun. And yeah, he invited a few of his guy buddies too. Let the wild rumpus begin!

The party is in full swing at Paul’s place.

Paul’s hot tub is popular.

The game is starting.

Paul’s gun and bell in the corner. Ring ring!! Blam blam!! And there is his guitar. Strum strum!!

Ouija board for later.

Food, friends, and fun. (oh wait…that was supposed to be faith, family, and freedom. oops.)

KO explains something to blonde barbie and angry gingerbread man.

Paul’s dog Spot is keeping an eye on the food.

Paul’s tanning bed is popular with the ladies.

So is Paul.

Spot guards more food.

Anonymous loves football.

Angry gingerbread man argues with alien.

The ladies ignore angry gingerbread man.

Spot continues to guard the food.

Everybody seems to be having a great time.

Tanning lady is cooked enough and wants to watch the game.

Redhead is popular.

It must be almost halftime. Spot is hoping for lunch.

The ladies continue to ignore angry gingerbread man.

Grayhair likes Redhead. (Or maybe Anonymous)

Paul is having a blast.

Spot is still hoping for lunch.

Tanning lady watches Tom Brady.

Spot gets his lunch.

And Spot rejoices. Much rejoicing.

Behind the scenes:

I take a step back so you can see the entire table.

Here it is at the beginning.

Ring ring!! Blam blam!!

Perils Cat spots the feather grass.

Perils Cat chews on feather grass, sending wine glasses flying.

9 responses to “Paul Revere and the Super Bowl

  1. It’s just as I thought, The super bowl is excuse for cavorting and eating junkfood. I realize I’m going to have to pay attention to what’s going on at the Super Bowl party.

  2. Paul is one lucky patriot, what a player! If I was Paul I would still take the Giants and the 3 points. Let the festivites begin!

  3. LOL, great capture of our obsessions.

  4. Haha — Didn’t immediately recognize Paul without his hat. Glad he kept the britches on. Love the Prayer flags. I got 2 sets in the mail and have one hanging on my front door and the other at my back. Glad that Spot’s patience was ultimately rewarded. I assume that part of the storyline was suggested by Perils Cat. It’s always good to listen to our animal friends. Thanks for a job well done.

  5. Beaut mate!
    Serious comment #1: Awesome job on the lighting, very realistic outdoor looking lighting (as you always have btw).

    Non-serious comment #1: You are sooooo going to hell you naughty person you!

    Non-serious comment #2: But don’t worry, we’ll leave the light on for ya!

    Serious comment #2: Been reading your posts for yonks now, love em all! Gotta remember to comment more often.

    • I’d better get Paul out ringin’ and blammin’ and savin’ folks so that his image doesn’t get too tarnished with his bad boy antics. And yes, since the Super Bowl was during daylight hours, I opened my garage side door to augment my studio lighting with outdoor lighting. I had taken a couple of test pictures the night before, after it was dark outside, and the effect was all wrong, so I knew I had to wait for full daylight.

      • You could say that this post is “code” for my true leanings. I’d really rather cavort in the woods with naked barbies than pay attention to Wigzilla. The denizens of PlasticLand are full of fun and passion and humor, unlike a certain someone we all wish we had never heard of. When they have a town meeting and the question of continuing the Chronicles of Wigzilla comes up, there is always a resounding “hell no!!” When I remind them that we have a certain obligation to mock the mangy hairball until this election cycle is done, they all roll their eyes, groan, and open another beer. Yeah, that’s pretty much what I do too. I wonder what Hairball is going to wear for her CPAC speech?

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