The Perils of Plastic

OzMud found this for me. It looks like a Mariel Clayton, but not one I’ve seen before. Too detailed to be a knockoff copycat.

11 responses to “The Perils of Plastic

  1. Cracks me up every time I see it – aNd… it really makes a statement about how people (like the Palins) can be such ‘nothings’ wrapped in an attractive package.
    Glad you liked it 🙂

  2. Is that Todd Palin? Sarah has finally done it!

  3. When we were kids, playing with Barbies, we used to give Ken a “bulge” with a little rolled up piece of toilet paper in his pants (even little kids knew that something was “just not right” about Ken’s anatomy). I also remember my brother drawing nipples and pubic hair on one of my Barbies to make her more “realistic” as well! After that she always had to wear clothes to cover her “naughty bits”.
    Regarding Barbie sex, one time the older boys in the neighborhood saw us playing with the Barbie airplane in the front yard and I’ll never forget one of them said that Barbie and Ken should join “the mile high club”. Stupid 8-year old me went right inside and asked Mom what the “mile high club” was and she replied “ask your father”, which was parental-code-speak for “that answer can wait until you’re older”.

    Love your website! A visit to Perils always brightens my day!


  4. Gives new meaning having no cojones, hey Sarah?

  5. Seth Green and his associates laugh all the way to the bank.
    Mariel Clayton’s photography ranges from serene to gruesome, but always with excellent photographic skills and a knack for composition.
    Margaux Lange’s jewelry is way cool.
    My little plastic parody niche is fun, has changed the way I use my camera, and brings humor to what is otherwise a tedious subject.
    Plastic dolls certainly have their limitations, but they lend themselves well to parody.

  6. I wasn’t expecting that when I clicked onto your site…but I am still laughing.

  7. THIS IS MARIEL CLAYTON’s WORK! It’s an older one, but still hers.

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