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On Fire

I found this music video for you to enjoy. It is by JJ Grey & Mofro.


Perils Cat at play

I was going through my pictures and found a couple of favorite pictures of Perils Cat and her sister.

Perils Cat camping on the bed.

Caption contest?

Perils Cat, the life of the party.


Silly Perils Cat.

Perils Sister attacks from lamp fort.

More silly girls.

Time to relax.

Bristle Blog: Tripping Over Life

In hopes of salvaging the time, money, and energy that they put into trying to make Bristle a reality show star, Bristle’s handlers decide that a blog would drum up interest in the trippy new series. Bristle’s ghostwriter is assigned the task of turning Bristle into a blogger. She tells Bristle to work on a couple of short paragraphs about her and Zippy Trippy.

We find Bristle in front of her computer in the early morning hours, surfing the blogs and leaving hardworking comments while Zippy Trippy sleeps.

Having made the rounds, Bristle decides to work on her homework assignment.

Umm…let’s see…uh…okay! Tappity tap tap tap tap.

“Hi, I’m Bristle. How are you? I am fine.”

No, wait….that’s writing a letter. Ummm….okay! Tap tap tappity tap tap tap.

“I’m a hardworking strong mom to Zippy Trippy. He’s really cute so I’m going to give him a mohawk.”

That’s pretty good. I’m gettin’ the hang of this.

This is way better than mom’s stupid Facebook page. Everybody has Facebook. I will be a popular blogger.

Nobody will go to other blogs to read about me, because they are immature and judge people. Smart people will go to the mature strong blog.

Okay, now what? Ummm…Zippy Trippy is cute. Did that. Ummm…Strong, uh, did that. I know! Tappity tappity tap tap tap tap.

“Trig is cute too.  He plays with Zippy Trippy.”

What else can I say about that? Hmmm…I know! Tappity tap tap tap.

“My mother had Trig, you immature haters.”

This is hard. I need more coffee.

I never liked homework. Changing diapers and cleaning house and making mac and cheese is way easier.

I need to do more things with Zippy Trippy and take pictures. Then I can just put pictures on the blog. Way easier.

Okay, where did we go for the reality show? They have pictures. Then I won’t even have to take pictures.

I’ll tell my ghostwriter to do the writing stuff and I’ll just choose pictures. This will be great.

Bristle: Hey, this is me, Bristle. I have a great idea for the blog.

Voice of ghostwriter: Bristle, it’s still dark outside. I’m trying to sleep. Call me later. Way later.

But I have this great idea that I had about not doing homework. You just have to do the writing part to make me look hard working and strong and mature and I will get good pictures of Zippy Trippy. It’s perfect!

Voice of ghostwriter: Oh for pete’s sake! I’m supposed to help you with your writing, not write it all. I already did that for your book and you promised you would try to write. Now I am going back to sleep. Goodnight Bristle.

Bristle: But the producers said you would make me sound smart and strong. It’s just some words. What’s the big deal? How hard is that?

Voice of ghostwriter: (mumbled under breath: You’d be surprised.) GOOD NIGHT Bristle.

Bristle: Sheesh! Okay call me later cuz this is great.

Yeah, WTF?



Oops, I ate my props


This, that, and other

Spring is nearly here, I have road trips in the works, Sarah keeps flapping her flippin’ lips, and Easter is coming. All of these things set my blog brain to musing. One of the things I’m trying to figure out is who gets to go on the big road trip. I plan to take no more than 6 dolls and a small box of props. The primary photo location will be Death Valley. Who would you like to see go to Death Valley? Will this be a simple trip of fun and rocks, or do you want mayhem?  Are there favorite props you would like to see? And no, Perils Cat can’t go, but Perils Dog might. The last time I took Perils Dog on a trip, he gave a barbie a ride on his back.