PlasticLand: Spring trip to Oregon

I drove to Oregon this last weekend to visit my best friend. I took Redhead with me.

In the car, ready to go.

Leaving home.

A stop at my favorite botanical wayside.

Hanging out on the Darlingtonia Trail.

These are darlingtonias.

Trees budding out.

Communing with nature.

Oregon Perils Cat, aka Miss Cat.

Enjoying the sun.

My backyard campsite. I always camp in my friend’s yard, because I live on a busy street with too many lights and too much noise.  Camping in the cold and dark out in the country gives me the best sleep ever.

My homestead.

Red is still enjoying the sun.

She likes old farm equipment.

And piles of bark.

Fences too.

It’s a great day for fence sitting.

I call it Cedar Flat Campground.

Heading out for an adventure.

The inside of the homestead.

Yay for gravel piles!

And heavy equipment.


A sign of the times.

I used to buy snacks at this store when I was in junior high and high school.

Red rides with the car pigs.

More old farm equipment at a friend’s ranch.

Red loves tractors.

Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’…

Red is impressed that the friend has fun stuff for barbies.

Moped. lol.

More old farm equipment.

Shamrocks, rust, and Red.

A quick stop at a wayside late in the day.

Time to go home.

Another botanical wayside on the way home.

Almost back to the California border.

3 responses to “PlasticLand: Spring trip to Oregon

  1. Looks like fun. I’ll be glad when winter gives up and spring arrives in Southeastern Alaska. Not that it isn’t beautiful…I shoveled snow three times yesterday…. : )

  2. Glad the redhead didn’t get a sunburn! Love Miss Cat, too…

  3. Seems like you both had a wonderful vacation. Lovely pictures.

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