This, that, and other

Spring is nearly here, I have road trips in the works, Sarah keeps flapping her flippin’ lips, and Easter is coming. All of these things set my blog brain to musing. One of the things I’m trying to figure out is who gets to go on the big road trip. I plan to take no more than 6 dolls and a small box of props. The primary photo location will be Death Valley. Who would you like to see go to Death Valley? Will this be a simple trip of fun and rocks, or do you want mayhem?  Are there favorite props you would like to see? And no, Perils Cat can’t go, but Perils Dog might. The last time I took Perils Dog on a trip, he gave a barbie a ride on his back.

11 responses to “This, that, and other

  1. That’s two. Only 4 more plus small box of props. I will be taking the tent.

  2. If you’re taking the tent, then Bristol the Chin MUST come along! Bring along the cooler too.

  3. That’s right, Bristol and tents go together like wine coolers and crunch wrap supremes. Sarah has to go…and an Amuriken flag.

  4. Paul, Sarah, Bristle, and Bristle’s Chin. That’s four.

  5. Anonymous1253

    Will the bus be going ? Tenting could being on a PTSD episode for Bristle, so alternative housing might be helpful and I don’t think Sarah tents. I enjoy the German Shepherd that always seems to be watching the food. Mary and Joseph could provide an interesting counterpoint to a story line.

  6. Cracklin Charlie

    What about trolls? Could they go along…or maybe just monitor the trip from an undisclosed location?

  7. Anonymous1253

    Speaking of trolls, any possibility that the Props dept. has happened to discover the teeniest of traveling garden gnomes? I love those little guys. And on that some line of thought, I bet you could make a creative reverse spinoff of 3 Billy Goats Gruff very very funny. It does have a lot of Tripp-trap-Tripp-trap-ing. With Paul Revere under the bridge to no-where and the Palins trying to tripp across it with the little cooler, I think there’s potential there.

    • I love garden gnomes but don’t have any. I’ll bet they make itty bitty ones. And 3 Billy Goats Gruff was one of my favorite stories when I was a kid.. What a great idea! I just wrote it on a post a note. My memory is so bad these days that I have at least a dozen post a notes around me at any given time. The wheels of PlasticLand often move slowly, so don’t despair. I can’t remember how long High Peaks waited for me to finally do The Fisherman and His Wife. A long time.

    • heck if I know. Probably the smaller the better. Gnomes are cool.

  8. Anonymous1253

    No despair here – – I hope your road trips bring fun adventures and that all the kids behave and get along.

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