18 responses to “Meltdown

  1. I heard that playing with dolls can be healthy…..

  2. SO FUNNY. I really enjoy your site. You have a great sense of humor and we all need to laugh more when it comes to the witch of Wasilla!!! Very funny. The props you have are too hysterical….

  3. Love it!

  4. And I was hoping that the plastic half-term governor was going to have her feet held to the fire and melllllltiiinnnngggg…..

  5. Bwuahahahahahahhhaaha!

    I see no crunchwrap supremes! Maybe that’s what she missed and why she had the meltdown?

  6. Since you are using plastic dolls I thought the “meltdown” might be more literal, but this is good. I’m going to wait until Game Change is out on DVD to see it.

  7. Your scene looks just like the movie. Bravo!

  8. hmmmm…I had three views from Libya today. Which keyword caught the eye of Libyans?

    • Good thing you have a road trip planned, now that those in another part of the world somehow think you have some connection to things of a nuclear nature. Libyan women are covered head to toe, though, so maybe your visitors just want a peek at Barbie.

  9. You’re the best!

  10. Love this latest installment, PerilsGirl, but I have one little constructive criticism:

    I want the loveseat couch next to Barbie Palin, and a small cushion (can the Prop Dept. make one for you?) under her head.

    Details, details…

    • I heard she’s putting a campground in her new yard for young teens in love. The tents come with mini-fridges full of wine coolers. But those wine coolers are ten bucks a pop. Bristle has to make a living somehow. She gets them cheap at Walmart.

  11. LMAO!!! I thought it was a picture from the movie.

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