Yeah, WTF?

8 responses to “Yeah, WTF?

  1. agree. wholeheartedly.

  2. The GOP war on women is going to haunt them for the rest of my life. Because I have made it my personal mission. Don’t think I’m the only one, either.

    • You have a lot of company. Last week I yelled at a few men I know, about how they’ve been silently sitting on their asses doing nothing to support the women of this country during this current crisis. One guy said I should be yelling at the churches. I reminded him that it is not the churches passing all of these laws across the country. Now I’ve got them posting stuff on social media. We are all in this together, and we WILL take away their viagra if they don’t get their shit together.

    • It was her face that really struck me. And the sign is worded just like we’ve all been talking in conversation.

  3. I’m very curious to see how much all this bullshit hurts the Republicans in November.

  4. Let’s hope that women do their best to get out the vote, and vote in their own self-interest.

  5. I would be happy to add my name to that sign.
    You go Girl!!!!!!!

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