Perils Cat at play

I was going through my pictures and found a couple of favorite pictures of Perils Cat and her sister.

Perils Cat camping on the bed.

Caption contest?

Perils Cat, the life of the party.


Silly Perils Cat.

Perils Sister attacks from lamp fort.

More silly girls.

Time to relax.


8 responses to “Perils Cat at play

  1. I’m in love with that last photo!! Life of the party, indeed. 🙂

    I had a kitty who used to sit under my little K-Mart table lamp and “bake her brains”* beneath the light bulb.

    *(Phrase via George Freedley, author of the wonderful book “Mr. Cat”.)

  2. Even though I am a dog person….those are DARLING KITTIES!

  3. Cats watching Game Change?

  4. Hammer and a Feather

    Here’s my caption entry for photo #2:

    Perils: We got our story straight, right catz?

  5. I used to have two cats – those were the days – I still have one cat and I tell her every day she is the most beautiful cat in the house.

  6. Love your wonderful ‘Kitty Pictures’ – how fun they are. I have 3 cats, and they are great room-mates. :o)

    I did have 5, but lost 2 within a couple months of each other, about 6 months ago. 😦
    Thanks for your fun articles – love them.

  7. Prairie doggin’

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