I’m back home from my long and lovely vacation, but I am swamped with dirty house, dirty laundry, overgrown yard, empty fridge, and too many pictures to process. It will likely be a couple more days before I can post pictures from my trip. Here are a couple of sample pictures to tide you over.

One-arm barbie got the preferred traveling spot on this trip.

Paul and friends relax in the desert.

4 responses to “Teaser

  1. Welcome back. Can’t remember if Palin Cats got to go with …. if not, hope they don’t give you the kitty ‘stink eye’ stare for more than a few days. Cat snubbing reaches a level that few humans can attain. The bell, the cooler and Pupster guarding the food . . . great tease !

    • Perils Cats stayed home. They gave stink eye to my husband, who got home 2 weeks before I did. I mostly got the “It’s about time, now where are our treats?” look from the girls when I got home. Perils Dog got to go on the trip, so he will appear in a few pictures. Paul and most of the gang, as well as his bell and gun, went home with my husband. I kept One-arm barbie and the cooler for the rest of the trip, but they stayed hidden for the in-law vist. They came out of hiding for the train ride home.

  2. Looks like you went to the desert.

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