Slowing to a trickle

I’m having a hard time being interested in the screechy one or her spawn.  I could say it is spring, but the reality is that I’m just not into that badly dressed nutcake and at some level I resent her intrusion into my life.  That said, I do have a few things I’m planning, but I’m making a big focus shift this summer to a new blog that probably won’t interest most of you. It’s about multiple sclerosis, which my best friend has. No horribly coiffed, inappropriately dressed drama queens. Just information and community.

I just don’t want you to hold your breath around here waiting for Palin silliness. There just won’t be that much of it anymore. Never say never, because the nitwit is bound to make some kind of spectacle of herself during the ongoing election season, and her spawn is busily pretending to be a blogger and pretending to try marriage. I know, I know, so much stupid, so little give-a-shit.

I will continue to do random PlasticLand posts, and the Palin posts will be partly driven by the odd things my purchasing department sends. Such as the lamps I got today that look like part of Sarah’s Wal-Mart decor in her studio. Gotta hide that electrical outlet ya know.

Anyway…you can grab a fix by browsing the archives (ALL of my posts are listed in the Recent Posts list), or you can just subscribe and then you will get an email if I actually do something.


13 responses to “Slowing to a trickle

  1. I could see you doing some posts of the current GOP runners. I’m sure you would make that hilarious.

    I think it’s wonderful that you want to commit a blog to MS. Perhaps at some point you could highlight the care- really lack of- that low income people receive when they have the disease. I have a friend with it who can’t work because the stress triggers the symptoms. She also can’t afford the medicine, so she tries her best to control it with diet. How sad is that? One of the richest nations on earth, but people like her should just suck it up so that corporate America can have a better bottom line.

    • There are so many things wrong about the current state of MS care in this country. No surprise that low income people with MS are getting screwed even more.

  2. The realization does start to sink in for all of us, I think: the Queen is dead (as a doornail) (politically speaking): too irrelevant and safely neutralized to merit much attention any more. Well, maybe a little. Thanks SO much for the great laughs, but, much more than that, for being part of a great tradition of American satire that scores points with a brilliantly light touch!

  3. Your growing lack of interest in Palin speaks volumes about her growing lack of importance in the overall theme of things. For that we can all cheer. For all the fun you’ve given us, I thank you so very much. It was a great ride! I look forward to everyone else turning their backs on her too. Hugs to you and your sense of humor…also too.

    • I’m planning to use the barbies and my sense of humor to bring some fun to the ms blog. My friend quit going to one site because the moderator didn’t appreciate her sense of humor. I happen to know that my friend’s sense of humor is why she copes so well.

  4. I have a friend who did yoga to control her MS and also watched her diet. Have your friend look into that because it helps and she was going to some of the finest MS specialists in NYC w good insurance from the big financial company we worked for at the time….

    • I don’t think that is one of the things she is currently doing. She gets physical therapy twice a week and uses her chi machine to keep her legs from swelling. I decided to do the MS blog because the piecemeal info out there is frustrating and all over the place. I want to pull it together into one location that is easy to navigate. Somebody has to do it.

  5. When I pulled the green lamp out of the box, I immediately thought of Sarah and her green assortment of rubbish in front of the outlet. And you know I love green. Actually the lamps are kinda cute. They need fringe though. All lamps are improved by fringe.

  6. Maybe the Purchasing Department can keep her eyes peeled for barbie-sized walkers for my MS humor. And canes.

  7. I, also too, support your new focus. In the scheme of life when Ms. SP is no longer an actual national threat, her ‘it’ factor lies only in how ridiculous she can be and the ‘roll the eyes’ humor she provides.

    My father was diagnosed with MS back in the late 1940s. Because of his military service, he had VA coverage and underwent trial testings of drugs, etc. many times over the years at a VA hospital 6 hours from our home. I have some of his letters and notes to us from that time that talk about the regime he was undergoing some 40 – 50 years ago. As a mom of adult sons, I understand the heartache my grandmother must have felt with the diagnosis — and it is stunning to me that the cause remains as nebulous now as it was then. It’s symptoms seem so unique and different for each individual. Now that I’ve passed the MS onset age for myself, I worry about my boys and the ‘generation skip’ if there is a genetic component. Oddly enough, a 2nd cousin of my father’s that is my age has MS also.

    I live in the Pacific NW (my father was born and raised in Oregon’s Willamette Valley), a seeming incubator for MS. The Univ. of Washington has quite an MS research going on. The UW TV channel ran a series on MS in 2010. It’s available at:

    My thoughts and prayers are with your friend that her symptoms are remissive and that her outlook is ever hopeful. The treatments and non traditional medicine therapies that are available and accepted today have grown in leaps and bounds. It’s just a matter of time for an MS breakthrough.

    • Thank you for your personal story. Perhaps I could interview you about your father for the blog at some point. Luckily, heredity seems to be a small player in MS. I just found out that latitude has a greater correlation than things like heredity. More northern latitudes have higher rates of MS. Probably a Vitamin D connection.

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