Cheesecake Nikki

You didn’t think I’d pass this one up, did you?


9 responses to “Cheesecake Nikki

  1. I agree!

  2. Of course, I completely endorse your desire and need to concentrate your blogging on MS now.
    But, please, with the Republican fodder out there — the Romneys as the original Ken and Barbie with five Ken sons — and an erstwhile dog —
    please come back occasionally during the campaign to give us all a much-needed laugh.
    And thanks again for all the laughter you’ve provided during these dark times.

  3. Plasticland is at the top of my go to list (next to icanhascheezeburger). I’ll follow you to the new blog.

    Re: MS There are studies and personal expressions of the help MSers and other autoimmune disorders are getting with LDN (low dose naltrexone),,,if you’re not already familiar
    w/this protocol, please google “LDN and MS”. I have psoriatic arthritis and dosing started Feb 1. I have noticed an improvement in skin, joint inflammation(pain!!) and have an overall feeling of better health.
    It’s generic, you can break it down into small doses and not pay a pharmacist to do it, minimal side effects.
    There are some yahoo groups available for info, some MSers w/blogs about their experiences w/LDN.

    Also, this protocol boosts the immune system unlike the advertised biologic meds that suppress and leave patients at higher risks for many other illnesses.

    Didn’t mean to ramble but I’m sold on it and hope that passing the info will help your BFF and others.

    • Thanks for the info. One of the reasons I’m doing this is that I get lost and frustrated when trying to check into all of the various protocols. I end up not reading anything because it is a big messy swamps. I hate mess.

  4. Oh, I love that you’ve done that other WGE Nikki Haley! She’s so similar to Palin. Another utterly corrupt hypocrite, who got where she is via sex appeal, criminal activity, and luck (she succeeded disgraced Governor Hotpants, Mark Sanford). So of course $arah endorsed Nikki.

    Anyone who’s interested in learning more about Haley’s shenanigans ought to check out the archive of articles here:
    The owner of that website outed himself as having had an extramarital affair with her and included emails and phone records. (Yet she was still elected!)

  5. First you go Vogue, then you go Rogue. A page taken straight out of Palin’s playbook. If she’s half as smart as Sarah she’ll make sure that the ethics committee is governor appointed only and made up of her best friends from junior high and high school.

  6. I should have taken the time to give her bubble-wrap boobs (Belmont Twins), but I was in a hurry. Attention to detail isn’t always an option.

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