Hey, look what I found!

I don’t get many of these.  This trolly poly thinks that fame, money, and adulation are the cat’s meow.  All Hail Celebriwhority. The true definition of success. Feel free to butt this troll off the bridge.

at the end of the day, and no matter if she doesn’t do anything else this supposed idiot has gone from a little town in Alaska to fame, riches and adulation-an astonishing achievement. Whilst you and the people who comment at your very odd obsession are nobodies from nowhere who will live an die in utter obscurity and relative poverty. I can see who has had the last laugh.


10 responses to “Hey, look what I found!

  1. Yup, this is exactly the level of Palin’s ambition — empty celebrity and money. Her most precious dream/wish was to hang with Ivana Trump and the only way to begin her journey was to join the Wasilla City Council … the rest is history. Another mall walker was born.
    This could only happen in Alaska.

  2. Oh right …she’s adulated. Mocked and scorned is more like it. Worldwide, she’s known as a complete fool. After Game Change came out, I had emails asking if I’d seen it yet because she looked like a lunatic. That’s because she’s proven herself to be a complete lunatic every time she opens her mouth.

  3. The troll is on the celbritician’s GrifterPAC.

    • I just noticed that he’s my troll from “recovering liberal.” I’d forgotten about him after kicking him around last time. Does anybody here believe this guy was ever anything close to a liberal? Me neither. Is he actually part of Sarah’s GriftPAC? Anybody wonder why this guy feels the need to come here and spout his ignorance? I certainly don’t have any desire to strike up a conversation at HIS place. To me he’s just some odd slimy creature crawling through the tubes.

  4. Canadian Country Girl

    “……fame, riches and adulation-an astonishing achievement. Whilst you and the people who comment at your very odd obsession are nobodies from nowhere who will live an die in utter obscurity and relative poverty.”

    Same could be said about Hitler and Bin Ladin.

  5. “Whilst you and the people who comment at your very odd obsession…”

    Judging from the construction of that sentence it is certainly someone uneducated (i.e. a Palin sycophant). It may even be Sarah or Todd.
    I’ll correct a few points:
    Fame = infamy
    Supposed idiot = idiot
    Adulation = scorn

    I’ll concede the riches part; stupid people give her money. They also troll anti-Palin sites in an attempt to prop up the dimwitted skank.

  6. Rupert Murdoch, not a little person, has created much of her “fortune” by paying huge advances for four books, so far, that provide free advertising in chain stores, Wal-Mart, etc. just by having the book cover on display.
    This last book will have to be the last — the weird, creepy face of Chuck Sr., the photoshopped Sarah, and the big question: where is the co-author, Chuck, Jr. and didn’t Sarah’s mother and sisters have any hand in her creation? The whole project is beyond the boundary of odd — but, again, they got their money up front.

    btw, troll: I worked happily and productively in Manhattan for 20 years, with a Master’s degree, which has brought me both financial security and intellectual challenge. My father was in the U.S. Congress; I volunteer in my community; I’m not a “nobody” from “nowhere,” and, if you read your New Testament, you’d know that “no one” is “nowhere” or in obscurity. We are all equal in the eyes of God. (“Even the least of these….”) If you’re not a fundy troll, just take it from me that no one, NO ONE, envies you your riches, your “fame,” or your “name.”

  7. Our little fellow has all of the classic PalinBot troll tendencies: Putting forth such crap as fame, money, and adulation as the preferred pinnacles of “success.” Relegating nonbelievers to the trash heap of “utter obscurity and relative poverty.” Tossing in the typical scorn words at me (“odd obsession”) that those without a sense of humor, a love of irony, or the ability to understand parody are prone to. And of course, thinking that his comment would be allowed when my comment policy specifically bans trolls. This format of mockery is the only light of day these slimy little creatures will see around here. As for “utter obscurity and relative poverty,” I happen to know that most of my fans are intelligent, educated, successful in their careers, and happy with their lives. And they all have a sense of humor. That is the one thing that PalinBots and trolls lack utterly. I guess you can say that they live in relative humor poverty, although it is more like absolute humor poverty.
    I freely admit to being odd. My family and friends think it balances out my perfectionist, neat-freak, bossy tendencies. They are probably right.

  8. Perils, count me among your fans who is well educated (PhD), happy, successful in my field…and appreciative as all heck of your comedic genius 🙂 . If your little troll friend is at all close to Palin then he/she knows what we all know: for a NPD Queen, the passing “fame, riches, and adulation” are NOTHING compared to the karmic pain she is going to feel for the rest of her pathetic life, desperately clawing to reclaim the nanosecond of glory when her wildest fantasies were JUST within reach…

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