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It started as a conga line…

…and evolved from there. How many familiar faces can you spot?


Have you seen Tawd? Dang!

My super-secret, feet-on-the-ground-in-Alaska investigator was out and about one night and spied a familiar figure. Dodging behind a dumpster, my investigator was able to snap a few pictures.

Behind the Scenes: Purchasing Department visit: Update

What happens when the Perils creators get together?

It’s a hair-washing party! The Purchasing Department also happens to be the primary hair care expert at Perils. I dug through the barbie piles and found the dolls who still had messy hair.

Clean, trimmed hair, freshly washed clothes.

Your hair looks mahvelous! (who is that guy in the back?)

What’s he looking at?

Articulated dolls are particularly fun to play with.

The Purchasing Department found the hat container.

Irony: The Ann Coulter doll telling the Sarah Palin doll to STFU.

Yard party.

Party at the tent. This is how the Purchasing Department airs out newly washed and styled dolls.

Perils Cat in the sun.

Perils Cat is not camera shy.

Party near the artichoke.

The fence party is getting busy.

Sister Perils ignores the festivities.

Hmmm….caption contest?

Sister Perils.

Talking shit

Stuck in the Middle with You


Station Identification