Spring Camping: Update

Hello from Oregon! We spent a week relaxing in the sun.

Blam blam!

Ring ring! Blam blam!

Ring ring!

I’m working my way through every possible tarp configuration in preparation for Burning Man 2013.

Oregon Perils Cat does evening recon.

Paul uses KO as a gun holder.

Happy chicken from the “Ain’t No Ranch” chicken farm. Best eggs around.

Misty morning.

Gotta protect the pale skin.

Tent is packed. Time to leave soon.

A stroll before departure.


10 responses to “Spring Camping: Update

  1. Looks like a great camping trip! Love the little plastic patio furniture. Kudos to the Purchasing Department!

  2. You’re too much! Thank you!

  3. Looks like fun! Wish I were there.

  4. But, but… where’s the case of wine coolers and a separate tent from The Chin?

  5. It looks like everyone is having a great time now that they have retired from a stressful life in politics.

  6. Glad to see you’re still having way too much fun.

  7. Another amusing and carefully planned post. You have the best fake food and accessories – the blender! a Coleman lantern! The wheelchair Barbie is new, n’est pas? I was waiting for the dog to steal a hot dog, and then he did! So funny. Plus the scenery is beautiful. You are so clever and such a skilled photographer. I’m glad you started this blog.

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