Barbies at the Farmers’ Market

I took these pictures a few years ago, but it is Farmers’ Market season again so I thought I would post them.

Lemon cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. Yum!

Help others buy organic veggies.

It’s squash season.

White salad turnips are delicious.

Raw or sautéed in butter.

What should we get?

Greens and broccoli.

Some dill and fennel.


Let’s make carrot juice.

Kale is super food.

Rainbow chard.

Conversing amongst the chard.

I’m hungry!

You say toe-may-toe, I say toe-mah-toe.

We both say salad.

Brio makes the best bread in town, and their almond croissants are great, but their cafe is overpriced and underwhelming.

Welcome to Farmers’ Market season!

Get yourself to your nearest Farmers’ Market!

See you next weekend! Eat your veggies!



4 responses to “Barbies at the Farmers’ Market

  1. grkwillariwren

    Barbies never looked better! How has Mattel missed this ad campaign possibility? Brilliant. Thanks for reposting.

  2. More and more people are catching on to the many benefits of plant-based nutrition – see the documentary or companion book Forks Over Knives.

  3. I’ve never seen lemon cucumbers before. Can you tell us something about them? Timely post; everything looks so good.

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