May flowers

Cheerful reminders that summer is almost upon us. I forgot to take pictures of the roses and oriental poppies.

Cherry tree.

Bachelor buttons.

Yard art.

Love in the mist.

Pale poppies.



Chocolaty purple columbine.

Perils Cat cruises.

My back yard.

Sister Perils heads into the back yard.

I just mowed.

These weren’t here yesterday.

Perils Cat pauses.

Sister Perils still life with flowers.


11 responses to “May flowers

  1. Anonymous1253

    Very, very pretty ! Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Springtime is beautiful, as are your Calla lilies. I love perennials that so faithfully return every year.

  2. Lovely pics–and may I say one of the enduring sorrows of my life is that I only discovered your blog in the last couple days? And have you seen the documentary, Marwencol?

    I admire the heck out of your creativity and props–I myself sometimes make small campsites out of napkins, sugar packets, and toothpicks at Marie Callendar’s. But clearly I’m not in your league.

    Bodie P

    • All of the posts are on the sidebar. Being late to the party doesn’t matter around here. The little cooler holds lots of refreshments.

      • Ah, lovely. I’ve spent a great deal of time browsing your sidebar. Though I give thanks daily that the looming threat of a Palin presidency seems to have passed us by, I have to admit I sort of miss the goofiness of it all.

    • Loved it. I found his struggle with the knowledge that he was limited as a result of the attack, and would quite likely never experience the closeness he clearly craves, poignant. And the art, of course was lovely–I adored the green-haired witch!

  3. That’s what’s called “a riot of color”. The poppies and the bachelor buttons are a great contrast.

  4. WakeUpAmerica

    Isn’t that paw-ses?

  5. Very nice Perils! My yard always has a ‘work in progress’ appearance.

  6. Always enjoy seeing Perils Cat. And of course your beautiful flowers. Brava!

  7. The Purchasing Department is coming for a visit. I plan to put her to work on some back yard PlasticLand activities.

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