It started as a conga line…

…and evolved from there. How many familiar faces can you spot?


11 responses to “It started as a conga line…

  1. Bug eyed Levi had me crying I was laughing so hard. Still laughing as I scroll back through the photos. Is that Ann Romney with the bell on her head? And… do I see RAM there? You are a genius!

  2. Anonymous1253

    Wow ! It’s like Where’s Waldo hunting. All the favs are there and more. Can’t beat ending with the little cooler. Nice work on chins, pregnancies, headlight eyes, and creepy Kens !

    • Anonymous1253

      I did see the girls ! And speaking of girls, it would seem that when you two siblings get in the same zip code your creative genius knows no bounds. (Good for you though for leaving out the toddlers and baby Jesus! I’m pretty sure I didn’t see them, although in real life they’re certainly dragged into too many developmentally inappropriate family scenarios.) I have a feeling there’s a lot of brainstorming going on when you guys are together (and perhaps a touch of silliness, also too!)

  3. Is that Ann Coulter wearing the pink cycling helmet in picture No. 6? Bahahahahahahah!

  4. Frisky!

  5. Bristol looking jealously at Levi and Sunny. Playmate Mercede. RAM. Leno. Newt and wife. The Wasilla pimp with Sarah and the Big Girls. Michelle Malkin. Rick Perry. Michelle Bachmann and Twinkle Toes.

    Who is the lady in the wheelchair?

  6. Celia Harrison

    Wow, I thought I even saw Ann Coulter and Jay Leno.

  7. Have you ever laughed so hart that your face hurts? Well, I just did.

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