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The Prince of Peril: Update

Update: Prince has a new home about a block and a half away from his old home. His new owner is happy and getting used to having a cat again. Prince has only made one journey back to his old place but was happy to follow his new person back to his new home. I figure there will be a couple more old home checks before he settles. Luckily it is close and not on a busy street. Because Prince is not really a name that fits him, his new owner has been calling him The Cat, because his old cat carrier says “The Cat formerly known as Prince.” We have no idea why it says that, but Prince may eventually have a different name.

The family that lost their home in a fire is still looking for a place to live. Meanwhile, their kitty hangs out at the burned out house across the street from me. My landlady and her daughter are the primary caretakers right now, but they are gone for the weekend so I am taking care of Prince.

This is Prince. His whiskers are all short, so I think he must have gotten too close to some hot stuff that first day. He’s a sweet thing who loves to be petted.


No Hope

I saw this today and began to giggle…


bock bock!

Donation barbies: Update

Among the various donations coming in for the family that lost their house were numerous barbies.  I took one look at them and heard my sister in my head…”Don’t you dare put those in a box without washing and combing their hair!” So this morning, while taking a break from sorting and folding clothes, I decided to tackle the barbies. I’ll post more pictures when they are clean and combed, and when I’ve finished washing and sorting their clothes.


The barbies are finished. Tomorrow they go home with their new owner.

Field camp barbie

When my husband left for five weeks at field camp, I sent a few items with him. One of them was a fake Disney barbie. When she left, she was naked and her hair was loose.  She became the student mascot. This is how she looks now.

Our neighbors lost everything in a house fire today: Update 2

I have been working on some actual posts, which are not done and won’t be for a few days at least. Today nothing got done because our neighbors’ house went up in flames. I am now a designated fire aid drop off house, so I’m a little busy. Will catch up as soon as I can.

Update: Donations have been pouring in from all over town. Residents are sharing on Facebook to keep spreading the word. Gotta love small towns where everybody knows everybody. My living room and garage are piled with stuff. Got a fat envelope of money and gift cards for the family. It was only a month or so ago that a young couple and their cat, Mr Skittles, lost their apartment and all of their belongings in a fire. I wasn’t involved with the outreach for that one because I was actually on my way out of town when I saw the flames.

Everything in our town is made of wood. We are notoriously flammable around here.

I just added 2 pictures of the inside of the house, taken by our local newspaper editor.

Update 2:  I can’t sit down in my own house. The outpouring of donations is amazing. I finally moved enough stuff so that I can close my front door. I’m now begging locals for boxes and storage tubs so I can organize all of the stuff. The family just stopped by to pick up a few things. Little Sydney collected a few toys, the older brother and mom got a few clothes. Mom got the gift certificates, cash, notes from Sydney’s classmates, etc. A relative paid for a week at a motel because the Red Cross 2 night stay ends after tonight. The family is  grateful and amazed by the community response.  Their kitty has been spotted but not captured yet.

Our newly re-elected county supervisor is bringing storage tubs and has offered to store some of the giant pile of donations. And yes, of course I voted for him again because he rocks.

I cleared enough space on the couch to sit down and watch Jon Stewart. I’m beat.

That flippin’ fashion trainwreck: Update

I really want to smack that stupid from Wasilla. Just when I think I’ve caught up on her horrendous fashion faux pas, she pulls another boner.  I mean, come ON! How many crappy ugly outfits can I come up with to document the Monster That Wore Belts and Bling? A flippin’ wrinkled blue shirtdress with the belt from hell and shoes from who knows where? I am like the worst dressed person on the planet, but this freako’s outfits give me hives. Sigh. You will have to settle for my cobbled together version. At least I have a frickin’ football field sized Star of David. Stay tuned….sigh.

Update: I just noticed that FieryBlazingHandbasket is talking about barbies today. Homework assignment for you Perils followers. Go on over there and explain about Alaskan barbies. Thank you in advance for your help.