In case you were wondering…: Update

…why I haven’t posted anything about the Wasilla trainwreck.

Perils Cat roams her summer yard.

Friends hang out in the shade.

Sunshine, shade, beer, friends, Kindle.

Oriental poppies.

I trimmed my greens yesterday for salad. They will be ready again in a day or two.

My haven.

California poppies.

John Prine: In Spite of Ourselves.

Handsome devil.

This is what the yard looked like when we moved in.

And here is a shot from last summer, or maybe the summer before that.

15 responses to “In case you were wondering…: Update

  1. Perils Cat is gorgeous. Nice work in the garden. šŸ˜‰

  2. Thanks for sharing your little corner of Heaven.

  3. WakeUpAmerica

    I love your corner of paradise. I especially like the nasturtiums in the corner climbing the fence. As for the cat, her posture reeks confidence, arrogance, and mischief. She/he is master of his/her domain.

  4. Somebody backed into my fence yesterday (again!) and broke 4 boards, putting a big, pet-sized hole in it. Luckily, my landlady got right on it and put up new boards this morning. I suggested painting bullseyes on the fence to give the cars something to aim at. This is the 5th car-meets-fence incident since we moved in. Eventually all of the boards on that side will be new.

  5. Beautiful! The oriental poppies are especially spectacular. I don’t blame you for avoiding the blog, when you can relax in your home paradise. I am not a gardener and I hate the heat, so I don’t have such a gorgeous retreat, but it is air conditioned.

  6. Anonymous1253

    Very, very pretty. Your landlady is a lucky woman!

  7. Beautiful!

  8. Where do you live anyway? I can’t identify it by the vegetation and houses.

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