Field camp barbie

When my husband left for five weeks at field camp, I sent a few items with him. One of them was a fake Disney barbie. When she left, she was naked and her hair was loose.  She became the student mascot. This is how she looks now.


9 responses to “Field camp barbie

  1. Field camp? Is that a military thing? Did the soldiers braid her hair and macrame her cute little outfit? You really have me curious. She’s adorable, whoever did it.

  2. Anonymous1253

    Sweet woodland nymph! Many years ago I was in a 4 week destination class that plotted and counted species in the desert and dug for frogs. We could have used some Barbies for downtime therapy !

  3. That’s an adorable Field Camp Barbie, Perils…

    But I have a request. Could you please put in your queue of Things to Do, a diorama of Todd Palin’s upcoming participation in “Stars Earn Stripes”?

    You’ve got to see the promo picture, it’s hilarious:

    More about the “concept” here:

  4. OMG, it looks like the imprisoned former Prime Minister of Ukraine, Yulia Tymoshenko!

    Although, she wears her braids wrapped around her head like a crown of leaves.

    • She went from being a vacuous Disney doll to something rather adorable. And I think Yulia is a fine name for her. Now that she has a persona and a name, that means she is no longer an extra, but a main character. She will turn up in future photoshoots.

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