Donation barbies: Update

Among the various donations coming in for the family that lost their house were numerous barbies.  I took one look at them and heard my sister in my head…”Don’t you dare put those in a box without washing and combing their hair!” So this morning, while taking a break from sorting and folding clothes, I decided to tackle the barbies. I’ll post more pictures when they are clean and combed, and when I’ve finished washing and sorting their clothes.


The barbies are finished. Tomorrow they go home with their new owner.


7 responses to “Donation barbies: Update

  1. Does the Donnie Osmond one count…? It is a Barbie..after all…. His, has a defect (one of the arms falls off easily) I have seen another Donnie O. doll and it had the VERY SAME DEFECT..! Coincidence ……? !$&@()?!

  2. WakeUpAmerica

    Obvious to tell which one is the Tundra Turd. It’s a metaphor, I think.

  3. I really love this site.

  4. Are you certain the barbies weren’t meant as a donation to you? You made them beautiful.

  5. Pool party!

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