bock bock!


8 responses to “bock bock!

  1. Anonymous1253

    Now that’s funny ! Is she ‘Lemon Pepper-ed? You have an admirable sense of humor. I have a feeling that you and that sister of yours were probably double trouble, if you aren’t still. Keep up the hilarious work! (And you’re having a much better weather day. Our chicken would be drowning!)

    • I wish I had taken this picture myself. Got it from a friend. This is the kind of barbie photography I’d really like to be focusing on, rather than that…(can’t think of a slur that doesn’t insult something else). But I’m behind on the crap generated by that family, so chicken barbies will have to wait. But this reminds me of when my son was young and I would always make the chicken dance before I roasted it. He got used to mom bouncing around the kitchen, dancing with a headless chicken.

  2. WakeUpAmerica

    Please make her look more like the Tundra Turd. That is hilarious.

  3. WakeUpAmerica

    Also, put a podium in front of her and handwritten notes on the end of her wing. Puh-leeeeeze!

  4. lol as usual!

  5. Barbie the Hut?

  6. After you make her look like the Tundra Turd, put her in the Fox News studios. That is, after all, where little Miss Chicken-Shit hides from real reporters and real questions.

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