No Hope

I saw this today and began to giggle…



7 responses to “No Hope

  1. Anonymous1253

    That is funny. I just had my weekly ration of bacon in my scrambled eggs this AM. A life without bacon would be a very sad thing!

  2. Maybe you need to play more rounds of six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

  3. aNONYMOUS1253

    OK … you make me confess. As I was looking at the post, my son walked by and asked me what site I was on. He’d just seen it elsewhere and had to tell me that was Kevin Bacon. Kevin’s face was familiar, but face to name not so much. I like to think I would have figured it out by the post’s tag.

    • I have a fairly eclectic knowledge of cultural references, past and present, but there are large gaps. Some people are good with literary references. Others with musical references. Most of my cultural glossary comes from the internet. Which might be slightly odd given my age.

  4. LakeLucilleLoon

    Ha, I didn’t know who that guy in the first photo was so all of you that were clueless about Kevin Bacon, don’t feel bad! I googled “entertainer, hope” (since he had a microphone I figured he had to be a singer/entertainer type????)and found out who he was!

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