The Prince of Peril: Update

Update: Prince has a new home about a block and a half away from his old home. His new owner is happy and getting used to having a cat again. Prince has only made one journey back to his old place but was happy to follow his new person back to his new home. I figure there will be a couple more old home checks before he settles. Luckily it is close and not on a busy street. Because Prince is not really a name that fits him, his new owner has been calling him The Cat, because his old cat carrier says “The Cat formerly known as Prince.” We have no idea why it says that, but Prince may eventually have a different name.

The family that lost their home in a fire is still looking for a place to live. Meanwhile, their kitty hangs out at the burned out house across the street from me. My landlady and her daughter are the primary caretakers right now, but they are gone for the weekend so I am taking care of Prince.

This is Prince. His whiskers are all short, so I think he must have gotten too close to some hot stuff that first day. He’s a sweet thing who loves to be petted.

9 responses to “The Prince of Peril: Update

  1. Anonymous1253

    Prince is the male twin of my sweet Biscuit. Thanks for looking out for this cute guy.

  2. WakeUpAmerica

    He’s also quite pretty. That’s my favorite fabric for kitty coats. Poor thing has no one to snuggle with at night. He must be quite confused.

    • He’s actually sleeping inside the house somewhere. I think he feels safer in there. He squeezes out at the bottom of a broken door when I come over to feed him.

      • WakeUpAmerica

        How sad for him. I’m glad you are taking care of him. His family must miss him. Are they going to rebuild?

  3. Beautiful creature! Same coat and coloring as my cat Alice. I can tell he’s just as lovable too. Continue to take good care of him, and thank you for doing so.

  4. The pictures are wonderful! He looks adorable.

  5. He’s very handsome! and I teared up reading that you teared up!

  6. What a pretty boy…. He looks like a sweetie…

  7. WakeUpAmerica

    When I look at those pictures, I can imagine “Too sexy for my shirt” is playing in the background.

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