You knew it was coming

Rubbernecking at the trainwreck has gone on long enough. It’s time to let it recede into the distance and move on.  I am so incredibly tired of that woman that I am unable to even look at my Sarah dolls, much less set up the couple of photo shoots I had planned. It’s time to call it quits. When I took a vote around the plastic dinner table, there were a hundred you betchas and twenty Hell Yeahs. We are done with the Wicked Witch of Wasilla.

I’m going back to my quiet life of camping and gardening and working at the food pantry.  My plastic buddies and I have adventures ahead, and we are all going to enjoy not having that nutball tagging along in her ugly shoes. Her negative energy is a drag on the universe, even in plastic form, and with Her Screechiness fading into squawking irrelevance, like a plucked parrot that speaks only Albanian, I no longer need or want to keep my eye on her.

Buh Bye, Sarah.


15 responses to “You knew it was coming

  1. Anonymous1253

    I commend your decision, but will certainly miss your creativity and humor. She was a trainwreck and is now simply weathering remains continuing to decompose.

    You voice what I’ve been feeling . . . that my quick 10 minute glimpse at a great and funny blogpost could/should be spent in more productive and meaningful ways – – like watering my plants, petting my cat or sending an email or letter supporting someone that’s making a positive difference in the lives of another. It remains unbelievable to me that she could have received the prominence that she did. These are crazy times …. but her time of ugly vitriol is up. She’s now just melting into her evil ‘wicked witch of the West’ puddle.

    Take care and thanks for always making me laugh and brightening my day.

    • I will continue to post adventures in Plasticland, as well as pretty flowers, pets aplenty, and other photogenic trappings of my life. Laughing is good for the soul, but there is a “tax” on laughing at Sarah, because you have to get too close to her darkness. She is a succubus.

  2. I’m glad to see there will be more adventures in Plasticland and will enjoy these posts even more with out those people.
    PS How are your neighbors faring? and the beautiful kitty Prince?

    • They apparently found a place to move into, but have not collected Prince yet. He has never lived anywhere but this street, so I’m a little worried about his upcoming move. But I think waiting until they are moved in and can keep him in the house for a few days to get used to his new place is a good idea. I’ve become rather attached to him and don’t want him to run away and get lost in his new neighborhood, wherever that is.

  3. I’ve enjoyed your creativity and sense of humor. Thank you!

    Yes, I agree, it is time to move on from SP; the truth has rendered her impotent and isn’t that exactly what we hoped for? I somehow feel that continuing to pay her any attention is counter productive. Let Fox and Facebook and Twitter have her.

    As you said, “Buh bye Sarah!”

    Ooooohhhh… that felt good.

  4. Would love to see your take on the spectacular trainwreck when it crashes for real. Will visit here anyway to see your other creative works. Along with Nswfm Cat who says mrrrrow! purr purr purr and snuggles next to me.

  5. Thank you for the many laughs, not to mention all the coffee baths my iPad has had! Enjoy your time off the crazy train

  6. WakeUpAmerica

    You have brought a great deal of laughter into my life. For that I thank you. Enjoy your new focus! The Queen of Makes-Crap-Up-Istan is like a Death Eater, pulling her out into the light sucks the life out of us. Whenever she opens her mouth, I can feel my dendrites shriveling. I hope you keep us updated with the adventures of Prince.

  7. Most of this journey on the crazy train has been fun, and I’m glad you all came along for the ride. But the tracks are heading for a cliff, and it’s time we all bail and let The Screech sail off the cliff alone.

  8. Yes, thank you so much for the fun and hilarious take on all things Palin. I am looking forward to future happier adventures in Plasticland with you. I too am deathly sick of the crazy one. Time to move on.

  9. Thank you for all the many joyous moments you’ve brought. Yes, time to wave farewell to the peril that was Palin. Give a thought to a Tampa update, if events warrant. Otherwise, use your wonderful humor and sensitivity on those that are worth it.

  10. stonecoldsabre

    may hem and haw scrim but shaw shank ewe weary mulch

  11. I WILL have to make an exception to my Palin ban, when I get around to it, because Tawd’s reality show is more than I can ignore. Perhaps the Tawd doll will go along on a camping trip, where he will be subjected to many obstacles, trials, and tribulations. I hope you are not expecting him to come out of it alive.

  12. Will we hear from you from time to time….? You are a fun diversion from the daily bs, and I love and appreciate your creativity….and your quirky perspective!

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