Foggy front yard

Summer around here usually means fog. The only blessing about the fog this week is that it is keeping smoke from a nearby inland fire away from my breathing air. We did have sun for an hour or so. That was nice. I was setting up some summer party stations in the back yard for the Plasticland folks, but got derailed by fixing dinner and fog rolling in.

No more dandylions since I took over the mowing. Husband doesn’t like to mow until all weeds are shedding seeds.

Peanut Brother comes over to visit.

Tis the season for my slow down signs.

Hey Peanut Brother.

Looking for pets and snacks.

More speeding signage.

Dude! Pet me!

Miniature roses.

Pie cherries and pear slugs. Evil nasty pear slugs. Only poison will take them out, and I don’t use poison on the cherry tree.

Lilies, calendula, hydrangea.

Lilies, petunia, lobelia, marjoram.

Stupid gladiolas, tigridia, calendula, calla lilies.

Evening primrose and fountain.


8 responses to “Foggy front yard

  1. Beautiful flowers….lovely…nice quality photos-crisp detail..
    Thank you…!

  2. Very pretty. I love flowers too. You’ve done a beautiful job.

    Speaking of cats…you haven’t mentioned the fire cat at the neighbor’s…or I just missed it. How’s he doing?

  3. You have a lovely yard. I envy you your fog. I miss it so now that I live where the summers are so hot, 113F the last three days. I’ve been wondering about the fire cat too (Prince?).

  4. Lovely and happy to see Peanut cat and wondering about Prince, too. As well as his owners.

  5. I put an update in Prince’s post but I will update here too. A woman who lives about 2 blocks away decided to take Prince. He is doing well, learning about kitty doors, and has only made one trip back to his old house. I told his new owner he might do that a few times before settling in. But when she went there to look for him, he came right out and followed her home, so it shouldn’t take long before he decides that his new home with person is better than the empty burned shell of his old home.
    The family couldn’t find a place near their old place, so they ended up in the town just to the north of us and can’t have a cat there.

  6. Your green thumb sure leaves behind some beautiful colors! Enjoying looking at pictures of your flowers and trees make me feel both envious as well as guilty for having not being able to visit my Mom since early spring before all her blooms started. Peanut looks so loving and laid back. Although I’m not always a cat person, I would have to try to pet him. I think the reason I repel cats sometimes is that I must usually smell like one or both of our dogs since they both think they’re lap dogs. Or maybe better hygiene overall might be the key, although the pups don’t seem to mind. In fact, if I’m sweaty and dirty from working in the yard, that’s when they can’t let me stop for a minute and sit down without being all over me.
    Have a nice weekend!

  7. Peanut Brother is a hilarious name! Some other cute cat name I have heard are Kitten Kaboodle and Westminister Tabby.

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