It’s a troll’s life

This made me laugh.


8 responses to “It’s a troll’s life

    • here I was feeling bad. I already alienated a longtime acquaintance this week by accidentally posting on her facebook wall instead of sharing the post with my own comment. She took my comment as a direct assault on her. Not my intention AT ALL. Other than being a bit surprised that a scientist friend of mine was taken in by gibberish, my only goal was to repost on my OWN page with comment directed at marketing industry and the original silly person who generated the facebook gibberish. One more friendship bites the dust because of carelessness and the lack of a sarcasm icon.

      • Yes, I did notice. Glad you resolved the shoulder issue.

      • The problem with Facebook is that it is easy to offend people if you break protocol and post out of context, which is what I did. Facebook etiquette says that if you disagree with some link a friend posted, you don’t go to their wall and dis it. You share it to your page and say whatever you want. I was distracted and accidentally forgot to hit the share button, thus posting a pretty obnoxious out-of-context insult that appeared to be aimed at my friend. Oops. Her pissed off response was justifiable. My comment was supposed to be directed at the marketing industry and at the person who came up with the silliness that my friend shared.

        • Much ado about homemade Febreze. Don’t get me started on that nasty stinky evil poison crap or you might find yourself accidentally insulted. I pull no punches when talking about Febreze. Not to mention fabric softener. Look up the ingredients in both of those and you might understand why my reaction was so strong and I forgot to follow protocol.

      • As for Facebooking, I think every day about dumping it, but my friends are too far flung and people don’t email like they used to. Plus, you can keep track of your friends’ lives without having to email them back and actually talk to them. lol.

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