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The Leaf People

I’m just back from my Oregon trip.  I’m not happy about giving up the 80+ temps and all day sun, or my best friend’s company. My best friend’s sister keeps wondering if I actually know that my barbies are plastic, not alive. I decided to mess with her the whole week by moving them around constantly, so that they were in different positions and poses every time she came over to visit.  I forgot to take Paul Revere’s cool red cowboy hat, so I had to improvise.

Hello from the Leaf People

Horizontal vs vertical

Ready for the circus

Mushroom Planet

The man has no shame


Talented Leaf People

Silly Leaf people

Head rush

The wandering Leaf People



Playful Paul

My dashboard companions

The ladies are ready to go home

More beefcake

Paul just can’t help being a babe

Oregon Perils Cat


Tunak Tunak Tun

I’m headed to Oregon for a week of fun and sun. My neck of the woods broke the record in July for the most cloudy days and is well on its way to breaking that record for August too. The record goes back to 1887.  So off I go in search of sun. I leave you with one of my favorite oddball music videos. When I’m feeling cranky, I play this video. It never fails to make me smile.

I never get tired of bacon

oh ho! (sorry, I haven’t gotten to say oh ho for a while. Thanks for the permanent ear worm, High Peaks)

I’m speechless

Say cheese!


I love George Takei and his Facebook page. He has the most awesomely creative fans.

Hey Girl!: Update

Thanks to and #paulryangosling on Twitter.

Hey Girl, I want to tell you about my plans for Pell Grants. But first… a hot piece of tail like you doesn’t really need to go to college. Am I right? xoxo

Hey Girl, I don’t believe in food stamps, but I won’t let you starve. I’ve got a man-meat burger for you. xoxo

Hey Girl, it’s not so much that I’m anti-woman, I’m just really, really, really pro-man. xoxo

Hey Girl, don’t let the personhood issue get you down. You still get to choose what to make for dinner. xoxo

Hey Girl, the only entitlements you can count on are cuddles from me. xoxo

Hey Girl, I hope you understand why I voted against equal pay for women. I just don’t think ladies should be paid anything for cooking, cleaning, and having babies. But damn you’re sexy. xoxo

Hey Girl, you look so cute when you’re losing your reproductive rights. xoxo

Hey Girl, you don’t need access to healthcare. My warm, soft kisses will make you well. xoxo

Hey Girl, I don’t believe in global warming. But I do believe in snuggles. xoxo

Hey Girl, I hope you’re middle class cuz I’m totally ready to screw you. xoxo

Hey Girl, just because I lied about the stimulus doesn’t mean you don’t stimulate me. xoxo

Hey Girl, they keep calling me Sarah Palin but my hair is real, and so are my man parts. Want to touch them? xoxo

Hey Girl, lets get together and draw dirty pictures on the whiteboard. xoxo

Hey Girl, my budget plans are as transparent as Mitt’s taxes. Wanna get naked? xoxo

Hey Girl, the Secret Service’s nickname for me is SnuggleBuns. Want to cuddle in the coat closet? xoxo

Hey Girl, my man-meat needs a P90X workout. Want to get sweaty? xoxo