Curiosity killed the cat: Update

I saw this today and cracked up. I’m sure it is just the start of Curiosity Fever.

And I found this one this morning, with the comment, “oh crap.” lol

I think this next one might be an old one from the last rovers, brought out of mothballs for the new rover.

In this next photo, Curiosity apparently used a time machine to visit my town. Photoshop done by my awesome town newspaper editor, Kevin Hoover, using an old photo from the newspaper (I think it was way back when our paper even had a different name).

Then a couple of other photoshops. Except for the cat, I’m finding most of the photoshops a bit mundane. Surely our little Curiosity buddy is at least as deserving as Pepper Spray Cop. Come on, photoshoppers.  You can do better.


One response to “Curiosity killed the cat: Update

  1. Hahahahaha! Leave it to you to find these.

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