Love: Updated again

Stonehouse Photography took this photo of John Unger and his dog, Schoep. Schoep is 19 years old, with severe degenerative arthritis. John cradles Schoep in his arms in Lake Superior because the water buoyancy soothes Schoep’s arthritis and he falls asleep. Apparently Lake Superior is very warm right now, perfect for a soothing float. John rescued Schoep when he was 8 months old. That is one long and lovely friendship. Their love emanates from this picture. Are you crying yet?

You can order prints, coffee mugs, and other products with this picture at this link to Stonehouse Photography.

Here is Schoep waking up from his lake nap.

An anonymous donor paid for Schoep to have laser treatments at Bay Area Animal Hospital.  Schoep’s owner has given the hospital permission to keep people updated on Schoep’s treatment and status. Just follow the link.

And if you aren’t a Facebooker, here is the hospital’s website.

If you want to help senior dogs, you can donate to the Grey Muzzle organization.

And speaking of forever dogs, this is my forever dog, who died of seizures in 2007.


9 responses to “Love: Updated again

  1. Beautiful!
    Who’s John?

    • I believe his name is John Unger. When the picture showed up on Facebook, I followed it back to the photographer and discovered that the story of John and Schoep has gone viral.

  2. Yes…. [sniff]. I have the same feelings and love between me and my loving dog, Red. She gets a similar look of sheer pleasure and comfort when I lay down with her and give her a hug. I never heard a dog “purring” until Red came into my life.

  3. carol sheppard

    I have three dogs and I love them so much. i hope that if they ever need me like Schoep needs John, that i have the brains and the willingness to give it to them. John is a great example and my heart is just filled with inspiration and hope again.

  4. Also, if you order, some of the money goes toward Schoep’s care. Consider it a wonderful contribution for a loving duo.

  5. Please tell us the story of your forever dog.

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