The Leaf People

I’m just back from my Oregon trip.  I’m not happy about giving up the 80+ temps and all day sun, or my best friend’s company. My best friend’s sister keeps wondering if I actually know that my barbies are plastic, not alive. I decided to mess with her the whole week by moving them around constantly, so that they were in different positions and poses every time she came over to visit.  I forgot to take Paul Revere’s cool red cowboy hat, so I had to improvise.

Hello from the Leaf People

Horizontal vs vertical

Ready for the circus

Mushroom Planet

The man has no shame


Talented Leaf People

Silly Leaf people

Head rush

The wandering Leaf People



Playful Paul

My dashboard companions

The ladies are ready to go home

More beefcake

Paul just can’t help being a babe

Oregon Perils Cat


13 responses to “The Leaf People

  1. Oregon Perils Cat is gorgeous!

  2. I see ole what’s hername is recuperating well after the grizzly attack, or was it a misadventure by shredder ….? Looking forward to a book, with many glossy photos…. You are proof that, as we age….we just get SPLENDID….!

  3. I forgot to ask: did you ever notice the Donny Osmond dolls ……having one defective arm ….

  4. LakeLucilleLoon

    Another fun photo series! Thanks for sharing. Sorry you are leaving the sun and warmth behind. Fall is bearing down hard where I live but it’s okay, it’s been a really nice summer although the populace can’t seem to agree on that fact! Here’s a link to DListed “caption this” from a few days ago that made me think of you and the Perils Posse….I sincerely hope that all of the “plastics” in that gumball machine died of natural causes before being beheaded 🙂

    • Luckily, fall in my neck of the woods is usually much nicer than summer. We have sun here at home, after a summer of fog, but it never warms up enough for me. My sinuses object the minute I hit the coast.

  5. She never said anything. She’s messing with me too. We are at a standoff. lol

  6. Looks like the leaf people are ready for Cirque de Soleil. Can’t wait to see them the next time the troupe performs here! Glad you had some time with your bestie in warm temps. (I didn’t know it got so hot in Oregon. Is that a function of this extraordinarily hot summer or normal?) Personally, I hate the heat and am looking forward to a cool fall and beautiful red, yellow and orange leaves. Sigh.

  7. Spent about an hour discussing life with Paul Revere; he says he’s satisfied with his abs but self-conscious about his biceps. BTW, he says NOBODY “moves” him anywhere…he goes where he wants. And it’s true, the inmates have taken over the asylum.

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