Aaackkk! Get out of my dreams!

The other night I dreamed that my husband and I visited the Palins at their compound. Tawd was briefly courteous (how do you do?) before retreating to his recliner. Bristle walked straight through the room with no comment and a nasty glare.  Sarah showed up and plopped herself on the couch to watch TV, delivering several nasty glares before completely ignoring us. And then there was Willow. She was extremely friendly and chatty, and kept serving us cake. When I commented that her cake was very good, she said that she made it using pudding and then offered us another piece.

I have no explanation for why I dreamed about the Palins, other than to say it was a strange dream night, with the Palin dream followed by one in which my husband blew up an airport parking garage (using a computer and some orange construction paper) in order to sneak onto a plane without paying.  I can totally do without these kinds of dreams. I’m having one of those kinds of weeks. Last night’s weird dream was about a lion that did yoga. He was taught the yoga moves by Meryl Streep. Go figure.


8 responses to “Aaackkk! Get out of my dreams!

  1. What did you eat for dinner? 😉

  2. If you eat at least 4 hours before going to bed, you’ll be less likely to have strange dreams.
    I was having terrible nightmares and my Dr suggested I try that.
    It worked.

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