Paul keeps hanging around: Update

Update: I still can’t figure out why the pictures disappeared (twice). Apparently they are showing up on the subscriber mail version, so at least you subscribers can see them. I’ll have to wander over the the WordPress support areas to see if I can find an answer to this dilemma. I may have to do the post all over from scratch.

Update 2: I started all over with a fresh post, but as soon as I saved it, the pictures disappeared. If anybody has had this problem and solved it, please leave me a comment. I’ve already cleared my cache and cookies.

I was back in Oregon this week. Paul Revere went with me, as usual. He was the guardian of the driveway.

Still sleeping in my friend’s back yard. I’m not going in until it rains.

Paul relaxes on my bed.

The driveway lane is a nice place for a stroll.

Paul takes his guardian position.

The cows wonder what is going on.


Just hanging around waiting for visitors.

Paul spills his beer.

He’s hoping I will get another one out of his cooler. Just like a guy to expect somebody else to get him a beer.

A beautiful day for hanging around.

Paul takes a break to let the logging truck through.

My friend’s firewood guy brings the wood on his self-loading logging truck. He navigates her narrow lane and right angle turns with grace and skill.


Wood for staying warm.

Paul is back in action after the logging truck leaves.

He is vigilant even as the sun sets.

The lane glows in the last of the sun.

My bed is now by the wood.

Paul takes his job seriously. (not really. He’s a ham.)

Departure day. Paul sits on the ladder I brought for blackberry picking and stringing up his perch.

He’s had a good time. Still having a good time.

Happy trails to you until we meet again!

7 responses to “Paul keeps hanging around: Update

  1. Sorry about the major glitch. For some reason my pictures keep disappearing. I will try again in a bit. I have to fix dinner. grrr.

  2. You don’t know creepy until you are driving down a narrow driveway and suddenly Paul Revere, hanging by his knees, is in the middle of the windshield…low enough to create the instinctive duck and cover…

  3. Temporary workaround? Someone could post the emailed pics as comment?

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