In honor of the second DWTS horror, I’ve pulled my old Bristledance out of mothballs. This was a temporary Bristle doll, pre-chin.

The Perils of Plastic

BristleDance After hearing the news that "famous" teen mom Bristol Palin has joined this season's cast of Dancing with the Stars, I began imagining the conversation with her dance partner during the competition, after the two of them have had to spend time together practicing. Showing all the signs of following in her mother's footsteps, mean girl Bristol "Revirginated" Palin is reportedly working hard on her diva credentials. Here is my imaginary conversatio … Read More

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  1. Oh please oh please!! Make a post-chin doll!!

    • Already did, but not for DWTS. I’m tired of Bristle and don’t plan to make any more stories about her. And whatever WordPress did to screw up my blog infrastructure, I can’t seem to fix it. The latest thing I noticed is that I can no longer post all of my posts on the sidebar. I had over 200 there for a long time, and now it only lets me put 50 there. I like people having quick access to the old posts for fun memory browsing, because archives are a drag. So I’m pretty pissed about that. I might try transferring all of the Palin shoots to a new blog when I get the motivation. Or I might finally have to do that e-book I’ve considered. It’s been a fun few years, and I like going back and browsing the old stuff too, since I’m not making any new ones. I’ll figure something out eventually. And since Thanksgiving is approaching, I will reblog the Pardon post next month sometime.

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