Send out another wahmbulance

Normally I don’t bother to post stuff like this, but I’m so tickled that this guy is cutting himself off from all the sane people that I had to share.


4 responses to “Send out another wahmbulance

  1. Poor ugly dude… Unfriending his family..! Harsh.. As the song says, roughly:

    ‘You must be carefully taught to hate
    Before you are 6, or 7, or 8
    To hate all the people your relatives hate…
    You’ve got to be carefully taught….’

    – from South Pacific.
    – Rodgers & Hammerstein

  2. Those poor, deluded fools just have to stop watching Fox…! They are sounding just like Bill O’Reilly …..FREE STUFF ZOMBIES..! They all sound the SAME…! They preach chaos and hysteria… No wonder those poor Fox viewers are losing their minds, and having end time nightmares…! Be afwaid…! Be vewy afwaid… Buy gold…! I want to enjoy the time I have left……

  3. I just had a long time friend suddenly decide (after election) that she doesn’t want to be my friend & wants me to delete her & her family (one daughter) from my face book! She doesn’t know that she can block me or defriend me herself, even after I explained it to her, poor thing. The reason she is mad, (she said) is that I forgot her birthday Nov. 1 when in fact I did not even though she knows my 93 yr young Mom is in hospital with heart failure & a serious infection & could die, I did wish her HB on FB! Delusional thinking is a sign of Fox watching!

    • Maybe people should have to pass a competence test to use Facebook. Of course that would eliminate my husband, who, in spite of being quite intelligent, can’t seem to figure out Facebook.

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