As we approach the end of the year, I’m reblogging old Palin episodes from way back. Blast from the past. This is my first Plastic Mayhem post in which Sarah Palin is done in by the barbies of PlasticLand. Three cheers for PlasticLand!


I’m pulling up my old Palin barbie posts, because I never get tired of them.

Plastic mayhem In the real world, most people don't tend to give in to inappropriate impulses, such as murder and mayhem. But the plastic world of barbies is a different reality, in which there are no inappropriate behaviors. So it came to be, on a sunny day in the woods, that a group of barbies rid their reality of the tweeting twit, the ultimate Mean Girl, the poorly dressed, overly made-up, slutty-haired, ugly-shoed, blackberry-toting, empty-headed, under-th … Read More

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