Sarah, you’ll not be asked back

I’ve decided to do a Palin retrospective to finish off the year. I will be posting my favorite old Palin episodes to get a few last laughs at Sarah’s expense.  Re-live with me the slow-motion trainwreck who has been gulping and gasping her way downstream with the flow of garbage these last few years.  Chill that bottle of champagne so that you can usher in a new year without the Wasilla Wonderbra Wannabe. Make that resolution to live a life without the demented drama queens of dead Lake Lucille. Remind yourself that responding to that Kristy person only feeds her delusions. Psychotic trolls have no place in society. Pitch them. Wipe the slate clean and march into the new year with your all-natural chin held high, and your expectations held higher. “Running with the Red Bulls: A Palin Fitness Fantasy” will not be a best seller and you know it. Walk away.


6 responses to “Sarah, you’ll not be asked back

  1. One thing you never did was to show the Tundra Turd’s fake pregnancy and the various techniques she used. I’m sure a sequence showing Plastic Palin tying a Sponge Bob SquarePants to her belly would be a big hit!

    • It’s just not going to happen. I tired of Sarah long ago. I only kept this up as long as I did because I had so darn many props, and I never had a Barbie until I was almost 40. Sarah and her kin have been permanently ejected from PlasticLand.

  2. Looking forward to some oldies but goodys

  3. Bye Bye

  4. Bye Bye Bozo

  5. The blog photo is an expressive statement to the Palins

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