It’s weird how a post I did almost 2 years ago doesn’t seem that outdated.

The Perils of Plastic

Who are Sarah’s favorite go-to Palinstream Media buddies? Why, Greta and Sean of course! When Sarah needs to rant in person instead of through her ghostwriter, she goes straight to her softball team at Fox.

Greta likes to ask the “tough” questions, about Trig and Tawd and sundry scandals. But we can count on Greta to accept whatever Sarah says, so it is just another setup for Sarah to go off on the lsm and pajama-clad bloggers, not to mention left-wing anti-American liberals, people telling her to shut up, and pretty much the entire world. Greta nods and beams while Sarah rants.

When Sarah really wants easy questions, she goes straight to Softball Sean, her most beloved talking head. Sean tosses her the gentlest of pitches, all in that squeaky, little-boy voice that makes you wonder if a dog bit his balls when he was a kid.

I haven’t bothered…

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  1. It is not weird.

    It is timeless.

    Painters and abstract printmakers and the like are visual artists.

    Creative genius takes all forms.

    It just happens to be funny as hell, too.

  2. What a hoot! I second the “funny as hell.” I missed your original post, I’m glad you re-blogged it.

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