The Perils of Plastic

Bets are placed. Popcorn is popped. It is time for Sarah and Tawd to put all their venom and nastiness to good use. . . ON EACH OTHER.  Let the games begin.

MuscleMan Announcer and Sign Babe announce the first round competitors.

Sarah Lobotocuda is challenging perennial favorite, Scarah Zomboni.

MuscleMan tells the crowd that champ Scarah is on her way

The crowd goes wild.  “Scarah! Scarah! We want blood!!”

Shark vs zombie! Who will win? It’s a battle to the death!

Champion Scarah Zomboni!

“I am the Queen Mean Girl!”

“I flippin’ RULE!”

“It is flippin’ lunchtime!”

Challenger Sarah Lobotocuda steps into the ring.

“What I lack in brains I make up for with my razor-sharp teeth!”

“I’m not afraid of that tan-challenged mean girl!”

“Tan-challenged? Why, you tight-assed, blackberry whore, I’m going to eat your brains!”

“HA-ha! I don’t have any! Hee-yah!”

“Bring it on, Paleface!”

“If you…

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