The Perils of Plastic

After another intermission to wipe up the ring and pile the bodies, we are back with the ladies’ championship round. The champion will go on to fight the winner of the men’s championship.

And now, vying for the chance to finally give that lying, sack-of-shit husband his comeuppance, we have Foxy O’News battling it out with Scarah Zomboni!!

The crowd goes wild! Foxy! Foxy! Scarah! Scarah!

Scarah needs brains!!

Foxy is not afraid of a dead fish!

And they leap for each others’ throats!!

“Brains! I want brains! Any of them, all of them!”

“My ratings are better than yours, zombie bitch!”

The crowd goes wild!

Foxy pushes her advantage!

She’s got Scarah on the ropes!

Scarah fights back!

“I’m going to suck your brains out through your nose!”

Foxy is down!

The crowd screams, “Get UP! Get UP!”

Scarah advances!

The crowd roars!

Scarah is choking Foxy!

Foxy gasps…

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